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Duke Keats with the Eskimos in the 1921–22 WCHL season.

The Edmonton Eskimos were a Canadian amateur and later professional men's ice hockey team that existed from 1911 to 1927. The Eskimos played for the Stanley Cup against the Ottawa Senators in 1923. The Eskimos defeated the Regina Capitals to win the 1923 WCHL playoffs. They were also the 1923 regular league champions. The Eskimos came in second in the 1922 and 1926 WCHL playoffs. Team alumni include Hockey Hall of Fame members Eddie Shore, Duke Keats and Bullet Joe Simpson.

An Edmonton Eskimos team also played in the Alberta Senior Hockey League in the late 1930s.


The Eskimos club was formed for the 1909–10 season by Deacon White from the remains of the amateur Edmonton Hockey Club and inherited its membership in the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association.[1] In 1909–10 and 1911–12 the club was known as the "Edmonton Deacons", but prior to the 1911–12 season the team changed its name to the Eskimos as Deacon White previously had played on the Edmonton Esquimaux rugby football club. In 1919–20, the AAHA formed the "Big Four" senior league, composed of two teams in Edmonton, and two in Calgary. This league folded in 1921, and the Eskimos helped to found the Western Canada Hockey League.

In 1922–23, Edmonton would win the WCHL championship and played in the Stanley Cup finals against Ottawa. See 1923 Stanley Cup Finals.

The Thistle Rink[2] was the home of the Edmonton Eskimos until it burned down in 1912.

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