Eelattu Poothanthevanar (Sangam poet)

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Eelattu Poothanthevanar
Personal details
Born300 BC - 300 CE,
Mantai, Mannar, Northern Province, Sri Lanka

Eelattu Poothanthevanar (Tamil: ஈழத்துப் பூதன்தேவனார், romanized: Īḻattup Pūtaṉtēvaṉār) was one of the earliest known classical Ceylon (present day Sri Lanka) Tamil poets from the Sangam period. He hailed from the ancient international port of Manthai (Manthottam/ Manthoddam in Tamil, Manthota in derived Sinhalese) in Ceylon, the ruins of which are in present-day Mannar District, Sri Lanka,[1] his poems were included in the Tamil language anthologies of the Sangam literature compiled in Tamilakam before 250 CE[2] Writing in the city of Madurai, he praises the valour of the contemporaneous King Pasum Poon Pandyan, who, as per the Narkudi Velalar Varalaru, reigned from 275 - 240 BCE. Seven of his poetic verses feature in the Akananuṟu, Natriṇai and Kurunthokai.[3]

Other Sri Lankan Tamil poets whose contemporary work feature in the anthologies include Pūtan Ila Naganar and Marudan Ila Naganar.

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