Eerste Klasse

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Eerste Klasse
Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Number of teams154 (11 Groups of 14)
Level on pyramid6
Promotion toHoofdklasse
Relegation toTweede Klasse[1]
Domestic cup(s)KNVB Cup

The Eerste Klasse (English: First Class) started as the 1st tier of football in the Netherlands and is now the 6th tier. The league is divided into eleven divisions, five for Saturday clubs and six for Sunday clubs; these divisions correspond to the six districts of the Royal Dutch Football Association: each district organises a Saturday competition and a Sunday competition, except for South II, which only has a Sunday competition.

Each division consists of 14 teams; the champion of the Eerste Klasse divisions are promoted to the Hoofdklasse. Furthermore, a season is divided into 2 periods (Dutch: periodes) of eight matches each; the winners of these periods qualify for promotion playoffs, provided they finish in the top nine overall in the season. The numbers 11 and 12 in the final rankings play relegation playoffs, and the numbers 13 and 14 relegated to the Tweede Klasse.

Eerste Klasse divisions[edit]

District Saturday division Sunday division
West I Eerste Klasse A Eerste Klasse A
West II Eerste Klasse B Eerste Klasse B
South I Eerste Klasse C Eerste Klasse C
South II Eerste Klasse D
East Eerste Klasse D Eerste Klasse E
North Eerste Klasse E Eerste Klasse F