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Efthimia Francesca Stephanidis, better known as just "Effie", is an outrageous comedic character played by Australian actress Mary Coustas. Coustas depicts a stereotypical second-generation Greek Australian.


The character originated in the popular Seven network comedy program Acropolis Now, which ran from 1989 to 1992.[1] Since then, the character has appeared in Effie, Just Quietly (2001),[2] and hosting the short-lived 2003 talk show Greeks On The Roof[3] (based on the British series The Kumars at No. 42) in character with other actors playing her family. She has also appeared in a number of television commercials (most recently for AAPT).

Effie's catchphrases include "How embarrassment!" (see malapropism) in response to any potentially embarrassing situation. She greets people with "Hello, good thanks" before they have even asked her how she is feeling.


In 1992, "Effie" released a novelty single: a duet with another fictional character, Garry McDonald's Norman Gunston, recording their version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Amigos Para Siempre",[4] the official song of the 1992 Summer Olympics (originally performed by Sarah Brightman and José Carreras); the single reached the Top 20 chart in Australia.


Coustas wrote a book based on the character: Effie’s Guide to Being Up Yourself (ISBN 0-7336-1761-1), published in September 2003 by Mark McLeod Books.


Effie returned to television with a new 90 minute variety series on Channel Five which premiered on 14 September and ran until to December; the series average ratings was 1.4 million. The success was quickly taken into account and a second series started on 12 June 2009; the series continued to December. Series two ratings average was 1.3 million. Effie announced in October that she will not continue with the show after that current series. A special on New Year's Eve aired called Effie's NYE Party; this was the last show produced. But on 7 October she announced she will air another special on NYE 2009.


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