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Privately Held Company
Industry Education Technology
Founded 1981
Headquarters Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Number of locations
Offices & Facilities in United States, France
Area served
Services Education Technology, Technical Support, Professional Development, Training
Website einstruction.com

eInstruction designs, manufactures and markets teaching and assessment tools. It is based in the United States. eInstruction has offices in Denton, Texas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Fort Wright, Kentucky; and Paris, France.


eInstruction was founded in 1981 by university computer science professor Dr. Darrell Ward.[1] In 2000, Dr. Ward and his team pioneered the use of student response systems in education,[2] with the creation of a hand-held "clicker" system called CPS (Classroom Performance System). In addition to CPS, and other interactive classroom technologies, eInstruction works with educators providing professional development and training opportunities across the globe.


eInstruction introduced the first wireless student response system designed to help educators engage and involve students using real-time feedback.

In the 1990s, eInstruction sold an RF response system manufactured by Fleetwood Corporation. During the late 1990s, eInstruction also began to develop its own student response systems that were infared (IR) instead of radio frequency (RF). At that point, only six student response units could be used in a classroom at a time. In 1999, eInstruction modified their IR signal allowing the response system receiver to receive up to 32 student responses.

In early 2000, eInstruction modified their "Group Link" IR student response system to support up to 32 IR response pads. That same year, the company created an educational consultant (eC) model allowing sales people to create franchises without earning caps.

eInstruction released The CPS Chalkboard tablet in 2003. In 2003, eInstruction partnered with Fleetwood to build a radio frequency (RF) version of their IR student response system for the K–12 marketplace. In 2004, Fleetwood built an RF response system for eInstruction designed specifically for the higher education market.

eInstruction Timeline

The company was awarded a U.S. patent for its mobile interactive whiteboard in 2005.

In 2006, eInstruction acquired FS Creations, which developed the Examview test bank.

eInstruction scquired Interwrite Learning in 2008, which included GTCO Calcomp. GTCO produced tablets with wireless and bluetooth connectivity. In 2009, eInstruction released the MOBI, which had taken two years to develop. The MOBI was the evolution company's mobile interactive whiteboard tablet, originally called the CPS Chalkboard. The DualBoard, released in 2009, allowed multiple students to use the same board simultaneously. That same year, eInstruction released the vClicker mobile addition which allowed for any smart device to be used in interactive activities and assessments.

eInstruction also created the online resource community eI Community, the enterprise-based administrator tool eI Cornerstone Education Suite, and the Insight 360 Formative Instruction System.[3]


  • CPS was the 2005 winner of the Award of Excellence by Technology & Learning.[4]
  • CPS was the Media & Methods portfolio winner in 2005.[5]
  • CPS was the 2006 Technology Leadership Award winner by AOL@School.[6]
  • CPS was the 2007 winner of the Award of Excellence by Technology & Learning.[7]
  • CPS was the 2008 Teacher's Choice Award winner by Learning Magazine.</ref>"Teacher's Choice Award". Retrieved March 5, 2008. </ref>
  • CPS was the 2009 winner of the Award of Excellence by Technology & Learning.[8]
  • CPS was the 2009 winner of the Best in Technology by Scholastic Administrator.[9]
  • CPS was the 2009 Teacher's Choice Award winner by Learning Magazine.[10]
  • The eInstruction MOBI and INTERWRITEWORKSPACE software both earned a 2010 Teachers' Choice Award from Learning magazine.[11]
  • The eInstruction MOBI was honored with a 2009 Award of Excellence as Best New Product from Tech & Learning magazine.[12]
  • INTERWRITEWORKSPACE was also selected for a 2009 Best in Tech Award from Scholastic Administrator magazine.[13]


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