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Eisenberg is a German name in geography and a surname. Literally translated it means ″iron mountain″. Eisenberg may refer to:



In Germany[edit]

In Austria[edit]

in Poland[edit]

  • Eisenberg, Kreis Sprottau/Schlesien, today Rudawica
  • Eisenberg, Kreis Heiligenbeil/Ostpreußen, today Żelazna Góra
  • Eisenberg, Kreis Strehlen/Schlesien, today Żeleźnik

In the Czech Republic[edit]

  • Eisenberg, Eisenberg an der March, Nieder Eisenberg, previous German names of Ruda nad Moravou in Moravia
  • Jezeří Castle [cs] (German: Schloss Eisenberg), Most District

Other uses[edit]

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