Ekushey Padak

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Ekushey Padak
একুশে পদক
Photo of Ekushe Padak (Medal).jpg
Awarded by
Government Seal of Bangladesh.svg
Government of Bangladesh
Country Bangladesh
Type National Civilian
Ribbon Ekushey Padak Ribbon.jpg
Established 1976
First awarded 1976
Last awarded 2016
Next (higher) Independence Day Award

Ekushey Padak (Bengali: একুশে পদক) is the second highest civilian award in Bangladesh, introduced in memory of the martyrs of the Bengali Language Movement of 1952.[1] The award is given to recognize contributions in a number of fields, including culture, education, and economics.[1] The Ministry of Cultural Affairs administers the award.

The award consists of an 18 carat gold medal weighing 3 tolas and a certificate of honour.[1] The medal was designed by the artist Nitun Kundu.[2] The amount of the cash reward was originally ৳ 25,000, but it was subsequently increased to ৳ 100,000 as of February 2015.


The name Ekushey is important to Bengali nationalism, referring to 21 February 1952, commemorated also as International Mother Language Day, when students campaigning for official status of the Bengali language within Pakistan were killed by police.[3]

Awards by decade[edit]


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