El Vals del Obrero

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El Vals Del Obrero
El Vals del Obrero.jpg
Studio album by Ska-P
Released March 21, 1996
Recorded August 1995, February 1996 at studio RED LED, Madrid
Genre ska punk
Length 44:29
Label RCA
Producer Tony López
Ska-P chronology
El Vals Del Obrero

El Vals del Obrero is an album by the Spanish ska punk band Ska-P, released on March 21, 1996.

The album title means "The Worker's Waltz". The album cover depicts a typical Spanish "cacique", as a symbol of capitalism, amongst other things, fat cigar in one hand and manipulating a string puppet, dressed as a worker, with the other. The breast pocket of his jacket is stuffed with banknotes. He's also wearing ostentatious gold rings, cuff-links and a gold tie pin with the eagle which symbolised Francoist Spain.

Track list[edit]

All tracks written by Ska-P.

1."El Gato López"2:40
2."Ñapa Es"2:31
3."El Vals Del Obrero"4:37
4."Revistas Del Corazón"2:44
5."Romero El Madero"3:21
7."No Te Pares"4:26
9."Insecto Urbano"4:06
10."Animales De Laboratorio"4:45
11."La Sesera No Va"3:30
12."Sexo Y Religión"3:55
Total length:44:29


  • Pulpul - Vocals and guitar
  • F.J. Navio - Drums
  • Julio - Bass guitar
  • Joxemi - Guitar
  • Alberto J. Amado - Keyboard
  • Pipi - Backup vocals and toaster

External links[edit]

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