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Redfern was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales, created in 1880, and named after and including the Sydney suburb of Redfern. It extended to Botany Bay and was bordered by Rainbow Street (Randwick), Anzac Parade, the southern edge of Moore Park, South Dowling Street, Cleveland Street, City Road, King Street (Newtown), Alexandra Canal and Cooks River. It elected two members from 1880 to 1882, three members from 1882 to 1887 and four members from 1887 until the abolition of multi-member electorates in 1894, when it was split into Redfern, Botany, Darlington, Waterloo and part of Newtown-Erskine. In 1920, with the introduction of proportional representation, it was absorbed into Botany. It was recreated in 1927 and abolished in 1968.[1]

Members for Redfern[edit]

Two members (1880–1882)
Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Alfred Fremlin None 1880–1882   John Sutherland None 1880–1882
Three members (1882–1887)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Alfred Fremlin None 1882–1885   John Sutherland None 1882–1887   Francis Wright None 1882–1885
  Arthur Renwick None 1885–1887   Thomas Williamson None 1885–1887
Four members (1887–1894)
Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term Member Party Term
  John Sutherland Free Trade 1887–1889   James Farnell Free Trade 1887–1888   William Schey Free Trade 1887–1889   William Stephen Free Trade 1887–1891
  James Howe Protectionist 1888–1891
    Charles Goodchap Protectionist 1889–1891
  William Schey Free Trade 1889–1894  
  William Sharp Labor 1891–1894   Henry Hoyle Protectionist 1891–1894   James McGowen Labor 1891–1894
Single-member (1894–1920)
Member Party Term
  James McGowen Labor 1894–1917
  William McKell Labor 1917–1920
Single-member (1927–1968)
Member Party Term
  William McKell Labor 1927–1947
  George Noble Labor 1947–1949
  Kevin Dwyer Labor 1949–1950
  Fred Green Labor 1950–1968


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