Elis Province

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Elis Province
Επαρχία Ηλείας
Province of Greece
Location of Elis Province
Capital Pyrgos
 •  Established Enter start date
 •  Law 2539/1997 2006

Elis (Greek: Επαρχία ΗλείαςEparchia Ileias) was one of the provinces of the Elis Prefecture. The seat of administration was Pyrgos. Its territory corresponded with that of the current municipalities Andravida-Kyllini, Ilida, Olympia, Pineios and Pyrgos (except the municipal unit Volakas).[1] It was abolished in 2006.


The Elis province was subdivided into the following municipalities (situation after the 1997 Kapodistrias reform):


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Coordinates: 37°46′N 21°27′E / 37.76°N 21.45°E / 37.76; 21.45