Elliniko metro station

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Station platforms
LocationElliniko, Athens
Operated byStatheres Sygkoinonies S.A.
Line(s)Athens Metro Line 2.svg
Structure typeUnderground
Platform levels3
Opened26 July 2013
Preceding station   Logo of the Athens Metro Operating Company (AMEL).svg Athens Metro   Following station
towards Anthoupoli
Line 2Terminus

Elliniko metro station in Athens is the current southern terminus on Athens Metro Line 2 since the Elliniko extension opened on 26 July 2013.[1] With the opening of the station, travel time from Elliniko to Syntagma Square was reduced from 45 minutes (by car) to 20 minutes.


The station is adjacent to Vouliagmenis Avenue, at its section north of the closed Ellinikon International Airport. It has two exits to the ground level, one on each side of Vouliagmenis Avenue, with the southern exit to have a metallic oval shaped roof, as well as a square.


Construction works of the station started in 2007. While initially being planned to be delivered by 2009, and later 2010, it was finally inaugurated in July 2013, after three and a half years of delays because of the Siemens Greek bribery scandal.

Bus connections[edit]

Several bus lines of Athens Mass Transit System operate from the station, so as to provide connections with Athens International Airport and several southern suburbs of Athens.


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Coordinates: 37°53′33″N 23°44′51″E / 37.8926°N 23.7474°E / 37.8926; 23.7474