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Elliot John Crosby (known as Ell to his friends and family), (born 28 October 1993 in Preston, Lancashire) from England, is a ten-pin bowler who currently (2006) holds the record for the United Kingdom's youngest ever player to achieve a 300-point game (12 consecutive strikes), in a sanctioned tournament, the highest score in a single game. He has set the nation's new record at 12 years, 2 months and 10 days old. His unusual technique (the crossing wale) is used by the lower standards of today's bowlers.

This national record was achieved at the AMF Purley in South London, England in the Surrey Country trials on 7 January 2006.

In the February 2006 edition (issue 103) of the BTBA's Go Tenpin magazine, Lee Crosby, Elliot's father, wrote the article "The Youngest 300: Elliot John Crosby - from zero to 300 in six years. This article also details the career of the young lad so far.


Barry Eason, the tournament manager of the Surrey county trials stated that "The county trials are being held every year to qualify to play for your region in the National County Championships",... "The trials were sanctioned and the British Tenpin Bowling Association has all the details. I have no reason to suspect the 300-game will not be sanctioned. It could have been the first perfecto rolled in sanctioned play in the UK for the year as well."

Eason went on to say that Elliot "accomplished the feat in the sixth game" of the tournament and "rolled his perfect game with an "Ell" (Eurostorm II)" bowling ball produced by the tenpin bowling company Storm.

Previous national record holder[edit]

Crosby beat the previous British 300 shooter record holder Rhys Parfitt by more than a year. Parfitt was 13 years, 4 months when he achieved a 300-point game at the London international tenpin bowling tournament in 1994. Matt Hann, 13, born 13 July 1987, on 16 December 2000 at LA Leeds achieved his 300. [1]

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