Emilio Herrera Linares

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Space suit prototype, designed by Emilio Herrera Linares for stratospheric flight c.1935

Emilio Herrera Linares (February 13, 1879, Granada, Spain – September 13, 1967, Geneve, Switzerland) was a Spanish military engineer and physicist. He graduated from the military academy of Guadalajara in 1902; he subsequently researched aeronautics, including a brief period at the University of Santander, he was father of the poet José Herrera Petere. He is best known for his work in cosmology and pioneering studies for high-altitude flight, spaceflight, computing, and for designing a pressurised space suit that was to be used in a planned stratospheric balloon flight in 1936.

During the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939), he remained loyal to the Second Spanish Republic. In 1937, he was made a general, he was a minister in several governments of the republic in exile, and president of the republic between 1960 and 1962.


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