Emmanuel Abiodun

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Emmanuel Abiodun
Emmanuel Abiodun.jpg
Born Adeniyi Emmanuel Abiodun
(1982-04-12)April 12, 1982
Residence San Jose, California
Alma mater Queen Mary University of London
Occupation Blockchain & Distributed Systems Expert
Spouse(s) Gloria Abiodun
Children Two

Emmanuel Abiodun is a Blockchain and Distributed Systems expert based in San Jose California. He was the CEO and founder of CloudHashing.[1][2][3] In May 2014, Emmanuel Co-founded PeerNova Inc via a merger [4] of CloudHashing & HighBitcoin. In January 2015, PeerNova closed down their bitcoin mining business to focus solely on blockchain based financial applications.

Abiodun is currently a Software Architect at Oracle Corporation.[5]

Education and career[edit]

Abiodun attended Queen Mary University of London where he received his degree in electronic engineering in 2005. Upon graduation, he worked as a software engineer in the oil and gas industries before transitioning to investment banking. Abiodun then held positions at JPMorgan and HSBC investment banks.[6][7] In January 2011, he installed a free application on his home computer to start bitcoin mining in the evenings after work.[8] After realizing he needed to mine constantly to make any money, he started investing in specialized computers to carry out constant bitcoin mining and set up his computers in a data center in Kansas City, Kansas.[2] In February 2013, he founded CloudHashing, a bitcoin mining company which rents computing power to those who want to mine without purchasing a powerful enough machine.[2][9] In October 2013, he added a datacenter in Iceland.[3]

In March 2014, Abiodun presented his company at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Cryptocurrencies: Opportunities, Challenges and Profitability in the Migration from Main Street to Wall Street in New York City and at Coin Summit in San Francisco, California.[6][10][11] He is a board member at Digital BTC.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Abiodun is married to Gloria and they have two children.


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