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Empress Fu may refer to:

  • Empress Fu (Ai) (died 1 BC), empress of Emperor Ai of Han (Liu Xin)
  • Fu Shou (died 214), empress of Emperor Xian of Han (Liu Xie)
  • Queen Fu (fl. 394), wife of Qifu Gangui, ruler of Western Qin
  • Fu Xunying (died 407), empress of Murong Xi (Emperor Zhaowen of Later Yan)
  • Empress Fu the Elder (931–956), first empress of Chai Rong (Guo Rong, Emperor Shizong of Later Zhou)
  • Empress Dowager Fu (Later Zhou) (died 993), second empress of Emperor Shizong of Later Zhou, Empress Fu the Elder's younger sister

Posthumous empresses[edit]

  • Fu Song'e (died 404), Fu Xunying's elder sister and Murong Xi's consort
  • Princess Fu (Song dynasty) (941–975), sister of Empress Fu the Elder and Empress Dowager Fu (Later Zhou), Emperor Taizong of Song's first wife

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