Emu Bay Railway 10 class

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Emu Bay Railway 10 class
Emu Bay Railway Bo-Bo no. 1004.jpg
Preserved 1004 on the Zig Zag Railway in July 2011
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-hydraulic
Builder Walkers Limited, Maryborough
Build date 1963-1966
Total produced 4
 • UIC Bo-Bo
Gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Wheel diameter 102 centimetres
Loco weight 51 tonnes
Fuel type Diesel
Prime mover Paxman 12YHXL
Cylinders 12
Transmission Voith L37zUb
Loco brake Vacuum
Performance figures
Power output 395 kW
Operators Emu Bay Railway
Australian Transport Network
Numbers 1001-1004
Disposition 4 preserved

The Emu Bay Railway 10 class were a class of diesel-hydraulic locomotives built by Walkers Limited, Maryborough for the Emu Bay Railway between 1963 and 1966.


On 17 August 1963, the Emu Bay Railway took delivery of three diesel-hydraulic locomotives from Walkers Limited. A fourth was assembled at the Tasmanian Government RailwaysLaunceston workshops in April 1966. In 1969/70, the pneumatic control gear was replaced with electro-pneumatic equipment to allow the class to operate in multiple with the 11 class. Between 1980 and 1992 all were repowered with the Caterpillar D398B as fitted to the 11 class.[1][2][3]

All were included in the April 1998 sale of the Emu Bay Railway to the Australian Transport Network. Following the June 2000 closure of the Hellyer Mine all were stored and disposed of in 2001 to preservation organisations.[2][4]

Status table[edit]

Number Builder’s number Owner
1001 576/1963 Walhalla Goldfields Railway
1002 577/1963 Don River Railway
1003 578/1963 Zig Zag Railway
1004 Zig Zag Railway


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