Enchanted (video game)

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Enchanted Coverart.png
Developer(s) Altron
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
  • NA: November 13, 2007
  • EU: November 16, 2007
  • AU: December 6, 2007
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Enchanted is a video game for the Nintendo DS based on the Walt Disney Pictures' 2007 film of the same title. In the animated fantasy kingdom of Andalasia, Giselle and Prince Edward are planning to get married. When Edward's evil stepmother tries to stop the marriage, Giselle is transported into New York City. Edward, along with Giselle's chipmunk, Pip, must rescue Giselle from the real world, while she meddles into the lives of an attorney, Robert, and his daughter, Morgan.[1]


The player adventures through Andalasia and New York City as Giselle, Prince Edward, and Pip, each with their own style of gameplay.


As Giselle, the player uses the control pad to navigate through the game by performing cartwheels, climbing walls, and swinging on bars.[1]

Songs: By singing songs in different types of dresses, Giselle can affect her world in different ways. The player sings a song by tracing symbols that appear on the touch screen with the stylus.[1]

Dresses: The player can use the items collected throughout the game to create or enhance dresses or to create new materials. Using the stylus, the player mixes the required ingredients in the mixing barrel on the touch screen.[1]

Animal Helpers: As the player meets new animals throughout the game, they can be summoned for help with tasks such as retrieving objects or distracting enemies.


As Edward, the player uses the stylus to interact with the surroundings, and to wield a sword to battle enemies.

Battle Mode: Success in a mini-game determines the power given to Edward in battle (higher attack, defense, health, or energy). Using the stylus, the player must perform the sword actions on the touch screen.[1]

Slow Motion: When Edward's energy bar is full, the player can use invulnerable slow motion attacks.[1]

Horseback Riding: The player uses the stylus to control Edward's horse.


In a series of mini-games, the player uses the control pad and stylus to avoid obstacles and make it to the finish line while collecting items for Giselle.

Critical response[edit]

As of April 2014, the game has acquired a 6.4 out of 10 user rating on Gamefly,[2] and a rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IGN. On IGN,[3] the game is praised for its appeal to several audiences through the various types of gameplay, but criticized for its mediocre execution.


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