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Energy Hog is an energy efficiency campaign developed by the Ad Council and run by the Alliance to Save Energy that engages children and raises awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency.

The villain of the commercials is an evil pig named Boss Hogg, who wastes energy in the home (along with his henchmen, Freddie, Sammy Swine, Ivanna Hamm, Kelvin Bacon, Mork Pork, Hal Hogg, Penelope Pigg, Charlie, and small Energy Hogs).

The campaign is a non-profit effort with more than twenty sponsors, including The Home Depot, the U.S. Department of Energy, and several state energy offices.


The main goal of the Energy Hog campaign is to raise awareness of energy efficiency so that people can save money on their energy bills which were expected to rise throughout the winter of 2005–2006.


Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats called the new campaign "a toothless" energy savings program following an inaccurate media report[citation needed].

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