English Grammar in Use

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English Grammar in Use
EnglishGrammarInUse 3rded.png
Author Raymond Murphy
Country UK
Language English
Series In Use
Subject Self-study book on English Grammar
Published 1985 (1st Ed), Cambridge University Press
Media type Paper Book (along with CD)
ISBN 978-0-521-53289-1 (3rd Ed)

English Grammar in Use is a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate to advanced students of English. The book was written by Raymond Murphy and published by Cambridge University Press.

Book editions[edit]

Book cover of the second edition

The earliest edition as seen on Google books was released in 1985.[1] This release contained 379 pages and had an ISBN of 9780521287234. A well known edition of the book is the second edition, which was released in 1991 and had an ISBN of 9780521336833.[2] Most recently the fourth edition was released.[3] Many other reprints of these three main editions have been published.

About the book[edit]

Preview of unit 2 showing lesson and exercises

The book has been widely used by English language students, especially those from non-English-speaking countries, as a practice and reference book. The book has achieved a great reader acceptance because of its accuracy and simplicity. Though the book was titled as a self study reference, the publisher states that the book is also suitable for reinforcement work in the classroom. There are two versions of the book (with or without answer key).[4] The book is divided into units, each unit (typically of two facing pages) has the lesson itself on the left page, while the right page contains exercises on that lesson. The book's units are ordered according to the lesson simplicity; or starts with the basic topics and goes up to more advanced topics. The author advises readers to flip over and find whichever topics they feel they need improvement on. A study guide is placed at the end of the book, which contains exercises that when solved reveal what topics student needs improvement on, and suggests the unit numbers the student should study; and thus the reader can figure out which units to study and which to omit.

Book contents[edit]

Following is a list of the main book parts (as in the third edition). The number of units and their order slightly differ among different editions.

  • Present and past
  • Present perfect and past
  • Future
  • Modals
  • If and wish
  • Passive
  • Reported Speech
  • Questions and auxiliary verbs
  • -ing and infinitive
  • Articles and nouns
  • Pronouns and determiners
  • Relative clauses
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Conjunctions and prepositions
  • Phrasal verbs

Other books in the series[edit]