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Enlace is a Latin American Christian-based broadcast television network. Enlace provides Inspirational Christian programming to the Hispanic community; the network features culturally relevant, faith-based programming to Hispanics of all age groups. Enlace's primary headquarters are in Costa Rica. In addition, Enlace owns and operates studios and call centers in most Latin American countries. In the United States, Enlace is distributed by Trinity Broadcasting Network. Around the world, the channel is aired free-to-air via satellite as well on Digital terrestrial television in Peru, Costa Rica, Spain and Bolivia. In 1981 Jonas González Rodriguez visited NASA’s base in Houston, TX and he had a vision of creating a Christian television network for Latin America and the world. On April 2, 1984 Rodriguez sent a letter to Costa Rica's national Radio control department when they communicate new projects on television and the union of Christian radio stations in Central America. On July 17, 1986 he was awarded television license under Number 167 for use of the channel 23 UHF frequency in the Metropolitan region of Costa Rica.

In 1987 saw the establishment of an office in San Antonio, TX in the Continental Building. In August 1988, TBN founder Paul Crouch donated a driver with 10 watts to Channel 23. Engineer Ricardo Jarquín installed the first transmitter for Channel 23. Channel 23 began transmitting on September 9, 1988. In January 1990 they installed a transmitter with 1000 watts in the Irazú volcano. During 1991 a trademark was filed for the name Enlace. In 1992 Channel 23 began expansion progress; the channel installed three repeaters in Santa Elena and Cerro de la Muerte. In 1994, Channel 23 opened its first studio. On August 2 of that year Channel 23 began transmitting vía satellite during TBN’s flagship program Praise the Lord. In 1996 Enlace launched on the Mexican satellite Soldaridad 2 transmitting 24 hours a day, extending their signal all over Latin America. During 1998 they changed their satellite to Pas-5 extending all over Europe. In 2000 they changed their satellite again to Pas-9 on that year Enlace Juvenil TV was launched.

In 2002 TBN Enlace USA was launched as part of TBN's digital lineup alongside The Church Channel and JCTV. In 2003, Enlace started transmitting on the satellites Hispasat-1C and Hotbird 6 extending to the Middle East. In 2005, Enlace started transmitting on Galaxy 19 extending to North America. In 2006 they moved transmission to the satellite Galaxy 14. In 2007 Enlace started changes in Costa Rica. On that year Enlace launched on the Nossa TV platform in Brazil transmitting on its satellite Galaxy 28. In 2008, Enlace and Enlace Juvenil received new look. On that year Enlace started transmitting on DirecTV Latin America for the first time on their satellite Galaxy 3C; the network's lineup consists of various inspirational and faith programs including church services, music videos, talk shows, children's programs, movies. Over 80% of its programs are produced in Latin America by ministries such as Claudio Freidzon of Argentina, Cash Luna of Casa De Dios in Guatemala, U. S. Hispanic organizations such as Guillermo Maldonado of Miami and Danilo Montero of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

The network is available via free-to-air satellite. The channel is available over-the-air in the metropolitan Costa Rica area on channel 23; the channel is available in all Latin American cable providers. Having been launched in the United States on May 1, 2002, Enlace is available through various cable providers nationwide, is carried over-the-air on digital subchannels of TBN owned-and-operated and affiliated stations on the fourth subchannel. Enlace is available across North America, including Mexico on Glorystar Christian Satellite; the network is streamed on Enlace and TBN's official website for use externally in browsers and media players, available at different speeds for dial-up and broadband connections, is available through TBN's iOS, Google Play and Roku apps. On December 16, 2009, DirecTV in the United States began carrying Enlace on channel 448, making it available for part of its various English and international packages. In February 2011, Dish Network began carrying Enlace on channel 9411.

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Methoxsalen is a drug used to treat psoriasis, eczema and some cutaneous lymphomas in conjunction with exposing the skin to UVA light from lamps or sunlight. Methoxsalen modifies the way skin cells receive the UVA radiation clearing up the disease; the dosage comes in 10 mg tablets, which are taken in the amount of 30 mg 75 minutes before a PUVA light treatment. Levels of individual patient PUVA exposure were determined using the Fitzpatrick scale; the scale was developed after patients demonstrated symptoms of phototoxicity after oral ingestion of Methoxsalen followed by PUVA therapy. Chemically, methoxsalen belongs to a class of organic natural molecules known as furanocoumarins, they consist of coumarin annulated with furan. It can be injected and used topically. In 1970, Nielsen extracted 8-methoxypsoralen from four species of the genus Heracleum in the carrot family Apiaceae, including Heracleum mantegazzianum and Heracleum sphondylium. An additional 32 species of the genus Heracleum were found to contain 5-methoxypsoralen or other furanocoumarins.

The biosynthetic pathway is a combination of the shikimate pathway, which produces umbelliferone, the mevalonate pathway. Umbelliferone is a phenylpropanoid and as such is synthesized from L-phenylalanine, which in turn is produced via the shikimate pathway. Phenylalanine is lysated into cinnamic acid, followed by hydroxylation by cinnamate 4-hydroxylase to yield 4-coumaric acid; the 4-coumaric acid is again hydroxylated by cinnamate/coumarate 2-hydroxylase to yield 2,4-dihydroxy-cinnamic acid followed by a bond rotation of the unsaturated bond adjacent to the carboxylic acid group. An intramolecular attack from the hydroxyl group of C2' to the carboxylic acid group closes the ring and forms the lactone umbelliferone; the biosynthetic route continues with the activation of dimethylallyl pyrophosphate, produced via the mevalonate pathway, to form a carbo-cation via the cleavage of the diphosphates. Once activated, the enzyme umbelliferone 6-prenyltransferase catalyzes a C-alkylation between DMAPP and umbelliferone at the activated position ortho to the phenol, yielding demethylsuberosin.

This is followed by a hydroxylation catalyzed by the enzyme marmesin synthase to yield marmesin. Another hydroxylation is catalyzed by psoralen synthase to yield psoralen. A third hydroxylation by the enzyme psoralen 8-monooxygenase yields xanthotoxol, followed by a methylation via the enzyme xanthotoxol O-methyltransferase and S-adenosyl methionine to yield methoxsalen. Patients with high blood pressure or a history of liver problems are at risk for inflammation and irreparable damage to both liver and skin; the eyes must be protected from UVA radiation. Side effects include nausea, dizziness, in rare cases insomnia. Methoxsalen has been classified as an IARC Group 1 carcinogen but is only cancerous when combined with light - UVA radiation. Author John Howard Griffin used the chemical to darken his skin in order to investigate racial segregation in the American South, he wrote the book Black Like Me about his experiences. Fitzpatrick scale Afamelanotide

Horse McDonald

Horse McDonald is a Scottish singer-songwriter. She is noted for her rich, sonorous voice, The Scotsman referred to her as "One of Scotland's all-time great vocalists possessed of a keen songwriting intelligence". McDonald was born on 22 November 1958 in Newport on Tay, Scotland. In the 1980s, she toured with BB King. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut album The Same Sky and her band played the entire album on a tour of the United Kingdom in October and November 2010. In 2011, Horse performed a duet on a song they wrote together, Beechwood avenue. Horse toured in March 2011; these concerts featured "exclusive previews of several new songs from the upcoming ninth album, as well as Horse standards and rare B sides". She was slated to appear in the soundtrack of the UK independent film, About Her. Horse appeared on the 2012 charity single'It Does Get; the single benefitted was written in response to the suicide of LGBT teenagers. She performed a one-off show at the Barrowland, Glasgow 2 March 2013 with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of God's Home Movie and the release of her ninth studio album HOME.

In January 2013 she married her long-term partner, Alanna, in the town of Lanark, where she lived as a teenager. The Same Sky – UK Number 44 God's Home Movie – UK Number 42 Both Sides Hindsight... It's a Wonderful Thing Only All of Me Coveted Red Haired Girl Coming Up For Air Home Odds & Sods Solo: "Sometimes I..." "Same Old, Same Old" "Something Wicked This Way Comes" "I Am" Rocket Science Remix Home" The Scotsman, 21 July 2006 Official website

Greeley Estates

Greeley Estates is an American metalcore band from Maricopa County, Arizona. Formed in 2002, the band has released four EPs; the group had an emo and post-hardcore sound, but shifted to the metalcore genre with their third studio album Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East. Greeley Estates signed to Tragic Hero Records and Ferret Music in 2009 and released their fourth full-length album No Rain, No Rainbow in 2010, which features an heavier sound; the band released their fifth and most recent full-length The Death of Greeley Estates on August 9, 2011, to which its sound was cited by vocalist Ryan Zimmerman as a hybrid between their previous two albums. Greeley Estates has gone through numerous line-up changes since its formation, with Zimmerman being the only remaining founding member after Hackenson's departure in 2014. Greeley Estates was formed by Ryan Zimmerman, Brandon Hackenson, Dallas Smith, Jared Wallace and Mike Coburn; the band name is derived from a sign in Greeley, Colorado that read "Greeley Estates" that Zimmerman and Hackenson saw on the way from Chicago to Phoenix.

Mike Coburn left the band shortly before they started touring at the end of 2003. After a few substitute drummers, Brian Champ soon became the main drummer for Greeley Estates, they went through a few bass players who all left before they began touring the US. Jared Wallace was replaced by Josh Applebach, they released their debut album Outside of This in 2004, a music video produced for its title track accompanied it. In 2005, Greeley Estates released their follow-up material; that same year, Greeley Estates had become one of PureVolume’s top 10 unsigned artists with over a million plays—an accolade supported by having album sales in the top 10 on Smartpunk since October 2004. Their distribution record further secured them a position on the Smartpunk chart for "Sales of All Time", they played every date of the Vans Warped Tour in 2005. Greeley Estates co-headlined the MySpace Fall Tour 2005. Other accomplishments at this point included extensive touring, a DVD entitled The Death of Greeley Estates released in May 2005, playing on the Taste of Chaos tour and continual play on KEDJ 103.9 alternative rock radio in Phoenix.

In mid-2006, Greeley Estates recorded their second full-length album Far from the Lies and released it in the year. On January 31, 2007, bassist Josh Applebach announced that he would leave Greeley Estates for a teaching career in Arizona. Bradley Murray from Tucson, Arizona became their touring bassist, his first live appearance with the band was on February 2007 in Safford, Arizona. On June 3, 2007, guitarist Dallas Smith announced that he would be leaving the band in order to start up a family and announced that his last show would be June 20, 2007 at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Arizona. After their Mexican tour with Silverstein, Brad Murray left the band for personal reasons. On September 4, 2007, Greeley Estates recorded their new album; the two new members of Greeley Estates include Alex Torres and Joshua Ferguson During the recording of the band's third full-length album, Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East, Joshua Ferguson left to complete his apprenticeship as a hair stylist in Calgary, Canada.

Greeley Estates had announced Tyler Smith as their new bassist, of In Fear and Faith. Smith played his first show with the band on February 9, 2008, at the Clubhouse in Tempe, Smith as well played on Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East on all tracks where Ferguson did not. In the same year, Greeley Estates had a track, entitled "Let The Evil Go East", on the Warped Tour 2008 compilation. Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East was released May 6, 2008. For the track "Blue Morning" on this album, Greeley Estates hired music video director Daniel Chesnut to create a "high energy, intense video" to match the band's new persona and differed sound. On November 14, 2008, Greeley Estates announced that Smith, found within the course of the same year, had left the band to join The Word Alive. A song from the fourth album, entitled "Seven Hours" along with "Jealousy Breeds Killing Sprees", which features guest vocals Craig Mabbitt from Escape the Fate, were streamed online during November 2009. Another new song from album No Rain, No Rainbow entitled "Friends Are Friends for Never" was streamed online.

As of June 12, 2010, guitarist Alex Torres announced his departure from the band via MySpace. In the blog, he stated. To clear things up early, NO there is NO bad blood, everyone is on good terms. Greeley has been my family since 2007, that will NOT change." Greeley Estates has been touring around the world, headlining many of these tours with bands including Vanna, Tides of Man, A Bullet For Pretty Boy and The Crimson Armada. Greeley Estates began work on their fifth studio album in 2010 expecting for an April or May release date; when asked of the band's fifth full-length album before its release, Zimmerman told AMP, "We’re thinking of kind of combining the last two records, Go West and No Rain, to kind of bring back some singing and have a little bit of melody but still have the heavy. I’m not sure yet on the lyrical direction."The fifth album was aimed for a summer release, with producer Cory Spotts, who produced the band's first album Outside of This in 2004. The name o

Henry G. Burleigh

Henry Gordon Burleigh was an American businessman and politician. He served as a United States Representative from New York and as a member of the New York State Assembly during the 1800s. Born in Canaan, New Hampshire, Burleigh was the son of Gordon Burleigh, he attended the common schools. He moved to New York in 1846 with his parents, he engaged in the mining of iron ore and in the lumber and transportation business. He was supervisor of the town of Ticonderoga in 1864 and 1865 before moving to Whitehall, New York in 1867 to expand his transportation business, he owned many canalboats and steamers which he used to move freight through Canada and the U. S, he was involved in the banking industry, serving as the president of the National Bank at Whitehall and the First National Bank of Ticonderoga. He was director of the International Paper Company, Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper Company, the St. Maurice Lumber Company, he was involved in real estate and owned large amounts of real estate in the U. S. and Canada.

In 1855, he was secretary of the first Republican convention in New York. He was a member of the New York State Assembly in 1876. Burleigh was a delegate to the 1880, 1888, 1892 and 1896 Republican National Conventions, he was elected as a Republican candidate to the 48th and 49th Congresses, holding office from March 4, 1883, to March 3, 1887. While in Congress, he served on the United States House Committee on Harbors, he died of appendicitis in Whitehall, New York on August 10, 1900, was interred at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Ticonderoga, New York. Burleigh married Jennie E. Richards in 1869, they had three sons: Charles Richards Burleigh, Henry Gordon Burleigh Jr. and James Weeks Burleigh. Burleigh's home in Ticonderoga, the H. G. Burleigh House, was built in 1894 and is a Queen Anne style building, it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1988. United States Congress. "Henry G. Burleigh". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Biography and Portrait of Henry G. Burleigh This article incorporates public domain material from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress website

Singaporean bridge

Singaporean bridge is a re-invention of the traditional game of contract bridge deriving its name from where it is believed to have been invented, Singapore. There are many variations to the game, social, has no official book of rules and no formal organizing authority. Players assume fixed seats, but unlike contract bridge, the partners are not determined at the outset by virtue of north-south or east-west — they are determined at the end of the bidding. Using a standard 52-card deck, each player is dealt thirteen cards. There is a round of bidding to establish, declarer, the trump suit, if any, the number of tricks to be taken by declarer. Declarer announces the rank and suit of a card and the holder of that card becomes declarer's undisclosed partner. Either declarer or the player on his left makes normal trick-taking play ensues. Although declarer and his partner cooperate to take the most tricks, the partner does not identify himself, strategically playing to tricks to assist declarer and revealing himself only by inference from the play.

There are no pre-determined number of deals or games to be played and hands are not duplicated for subsequent players, if any. Scoring may be by the total of tricks won in successful contracts. Since partnerships change, players accumulate their individual scores to determine an overall winner. Bidding is initiated by the player on his left. Suits are ranked as in contract bridge and the level of bidding is based on a'book of six, i.e. an bid of'1' commits a contract to take seven tricks. Player make calls in clockwise fashion but there are no calls of'double' or'redouble'; the declarer is the player making the highest bid, followed by three'pass' calls. In some game variants, bidding will only commence if every player has a sufficiently'playable' hand to make the game meaningful. Hands are determined to be playable through a point system where aces are valued at 4 points, kings at 3, queens at 2 and jacks at 1. Further, every card after the 4th in each suit is worth an additional 1 point. A playable hand must as may otherwise be agreed.

If any one player does not have a playable hand, the deal may be abandoned and the cards shuffled and redealt. The player to the left of declarer makes the opening lead and normal trick-taking play ensues with the optional inclusion of some local rules, such as: in notrump games, declarer makes the opening lead the drawing of trumps can only begin when trump has been broken the drawing of trump can be done at any point in the game partnerships are determined at the onset and remain fixed Once the bidding has concluded, declarer establishes his partner by calling for the holder of a particular card - the'called card', it is known only to the card holder who the partner is and this fact remains undisclosed when the play to the first trick starts. By way of strategy, if declarer has a strong trick-taking hand but lacks a key ace in one suit, he may call for the holder of that ace to be his partner. Or, if holding a long suit lacking the ace, it may be better to call the holder of the ace of another suit in which he holds a singleton so that he can ruff.

The partner can choose to "reveal" himself at any point in the game but only through his card play, or when forced to play the called card. Until declarer does not know who his partner is and can only infer it from the play of the cards. Partners try to reveal themselves early so as not to have their side-suit winners trumped by declarer. Alternatively, partner can pretend not to be the partner. However, partner is obliged to reveal himself by verbal declaration should the opponents be one trick away from winning. Most of the time, the called card is one. However, it is legal for declarer to call a card he holds if he is confident that his hand is strong enough to make the contract unassisted and so he opts not to share any victory points with a partner; this may be strategically advantageous if the three opponents are unable to coordinate their defensive play until the farce is revealed and it is too late. The foregoing contrasts with contract bridge where the dummy, his hand and the partnerships are known at the start.

Singaporean bridge is a social game with a friendly informality. Players voice their bids and conversation during games is common. There is no single or official point-scoring system but two concepts prevail: the winner is the player or pair who has won the most successful contracts or conversely who has defeated the most contracts, or the winner is the player or pair who accumulates the most points where points are scored according to the contracts bid and made where:1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 points are scored for contracts of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 tricks both partners score the same points when contracts are fulfilled each defending player scores the same points when contracts are defeated there are no extra points for overtricks and so players should try to bid to their full potential there is a penalty for undertricks to discourage reckless pre-emptive bidding; the points for each game are recorded in four columns for four players. In each game, only the columns of the winning players have scores entered.

Points are summed at the end of a gaming session to determine the overall winner