Enrique Álvarez Córdova

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"Enrique Álvarez Córdova" redirects here. For an actor, see Enrique Álvarez Félix.
Enrique Álvarez Córdova
Enrique Alvarez Cordova.jpg
Born March 4, 1930
Died November 27, 1980
Parent(s) Enrique Álvarez Drews
Carmen Córdova de Álvarez
Relatives Mauricio Álvarez (cousin)[1]

Enrique Álvarez Córdova (March 4, 1930, San Salvador – November 27, 1980, San Salvador) was a politician and statesman of El Salvador.


Enrique was the son of one of El Salvador's ruling families. He was intelligent, charismatic and wealthy. His mother was surnamed Córdova.

Álvarez attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During his time there he was involved in Kappa Sigma (Gamma Upsilon).

After a frustrated attempt to be a Salvadoran "New Dealer," attempting to implement agrarian reform as El Salvador's minister of agriculture and cattle raising, Álvarez dramatically changed course and joined the Democratic Revolutionary Front (Frente Democrático Revolucionário or FDR).[2]


Álvarez was assassinated in 1980 in San Salvador. He has been called "the first rich man who gave his life for the poor of El Salvador."[3]

In November, 1980 he was kidnapped and murdered together with other directors of the FDR by "Brígada Anticomunista Maximiliano Hernández Martínez" an extreme-right wing group. [4]



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