Eoperipatus butleri

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Eoperipatus butleri
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Onychophora
Class: Udeonychophora
Order: Euonychophora
Family: Peripatidae
Genus: Eoperipatus
Species: E. butleri
Binomial name
Eoperipatus butleri
Evans, 1901

Eoperipatus butleri is a Malaysian species of velvet worm in the Peripatidae family.[1]


Eoperipatus butleri was described by Richard Evans in 1901, from a single female specimen discovered by A. M. Butler in the Larut Hills of West Malaysia. The generic name Eoperipatus is derived from an Ancient Greek combining form of ēṓs, meaning "dawn", and peripatos, meaning "walking about". The specific name butleri is in honour of its discoverer.[2]


The dorsal surface is brown with a darker brown mid-dorsal line extending from the first pair of oncopods to the anus. The ventral surface is slightly lighter brown than the dorsal surface. There are 24 pairs of oncopods. The type specimen was 52 mm in length, and 6 mm in width.[2]


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