August Martin High School

August Martin High School is a New York City public high school located in South Jamaica, Queens, at 156-10 Baisley Boulevard. The school focuses on aviation and other vocational areas. Presently, the school comprises the following four academies, which as of 2014 had a combined enrollment of 853 students: Aerospace and Technology Academy Communication Arts Academy Law Scholars Academy Culinary Arts AcademyIn addition, two separate alternative high schools share the same building: Foundry High School, enrollment 108 Voyages Preparatory High School South Queens, enrollment 150As of the 2014-15 school year, the school had an enrollment of 678 students and 42.6 classroom teachers, for a student–teacher ratio of 15.9:1. There were 42 eligible for reduced-cost lunch. Plans for the school the Woodrow Wilson High School, existed as early as 1930, to relieve crowding in Jamaica High School; the school's building opened in 1942 as Woodrow Wilson Vocational High School. Quotes from former President Woodrow Wilson still adorn the school building's facade.

It trained thousands of people to join defense-related industries during World War II, although it was planned in 1940, prior to the nation's entry into the war. Woodrow Wilson closed in 1971; the primary goal of the new school was to train African Americans to enter the aviation industry. The school's namesake, August Martin, was trained as a military pilot during World War II as one of the Tuskegee Airmen, after the war became the first African American commercial airline pilot. Martin graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx in 1938 and lived in New York City for much of his life, he died in 1968 when the plane he was piloting crashed during a humanitarian relief mission to the Biafra region of Nigeria. In 2012, neighborhood residents, elected officials, students protested a plan to close August Martin High School, considered to be under-performing by the New York City Department of Education's leadership, open new schools in the same building under different names; this practice had been followed at other schools around the city.

The protesters stressed the importance of the name to the community. As of 2015, the school continues to operate as August Martin High School, this name is still prominently engraved over the door, although the building hosts two smaller high schools that use different names. Lloyd Banks, rapper in the group G-Unit. Najee and smooth jazz saxophonist and flautist Joshua Wooten, First African American Football Player to win consecutive NCAA Football Player of the Year Awards for the Colonial Athletic Association. Selected as an Undrafted Rookie to the San Diego Chargers. Kelly Price, R&B and soul singer on the Def Soul label. Freedom Williams. African American entertainer and rapper and co-founder of the seminal dance hip-hop group C+C Music Factory. Russell Simmons, African American entrepreneur, the co-founder, with Rick Rubin, of the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam, creator of the clothing fashion line Phat Farm. Graduated in 1975. Notes Official August Martin HS homepage Review of August Martin HS at Biography of August Martin at

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Determinants of cell size. How do cells determine what size to grow to before dividing? Golgi apparatus. In cell theory, what is the exact transport mechanism by which proteins travel through the Golgi apparatus? Mechanism of action of drugs; the mechanisms of action of many drugs including paracetamol, lithium and ketamine are not understood. Protein folding. What is the folding code? What is the folding mechanism? Can we predict the native structure of a protein from its amino acid sequence? Is it possible to predict the secondary and quaternary structure of a polypeptide sequence based on the sequence and environmental information? Inverse protein-folding problem: Is it possible to design a polypeptide sequence which will adopt a given structure under certain environmental conditions? This has been achieved for several small globular proteins in recent years. Enzyme kinetics: Why do some enzymes exhibit faster-than-diffusion kinetics? RNA folding problem: Is it possible to predict the secondary and quaternary structure of a polyribonucleic acid sequence based on its sequence and environment?

Protein design: Is it possible to design active enzymes de novo for any desired reaction? Biosynthesis: Can desired molecules, natural products or otherwise, be produced in high yield through biosynthetic pathway manipulation? What is the mechanism of allosteric transitions of proteins? The concerted and sequential models have been hypothesised but neither has been verified. What are the endogenous ligands of orphan receptors? What substance is endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor? Why does biological aging occur? There are a number of hypotheses why senescence occurs including those that it is programmed by gene expression changes and that it is the accumulative damage of biological processes. Consistency of movement. How can we move so controllably though the motor nerve impulses seem haphazard and unpredictable? How do organs grow to the correct shape and size? How are the final shape and size of organs so reliably formed? These processes are in part controlled by the Hippo signaling pathway Can developing biological systems tell the time?

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The metabolic processes of this phylum of archaea are so far unclear. Rotifer. What is the function of the retrocerebral organ of rotifers (pseudocoelomate anima