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Epps may refer to:


  • Anna Epps (born 1930), African-American microbiologist and medical school dean and CEO
  • Archie Epps, African-American academic and dean of students at Harvard College
  • Aubrey Epps (1912–1984), American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Ben T. Epps (1888–1937), American pioneering aviator and airplane designer
  • Charles T. Epps Jr. (1944–2015), American politician
  • Chris Epps (born 1961), U.S. state department of corrections commissioner
  • Christina Epps (born 1991), American triple jumper
  • Dedrick Epps (born 1988), American former National Football League tight end
  • Edwin Epps, American cotton planter and slave owner of kidnapped free black Solomon Northup (1807/08–c. 1863), whose ordeal is detailed in the memoir Twelve Years a Slave
  • Garrett Epps, American law professor, novelist and journalist
  • George Napoleon Epps (1815–1874), English homœopath and author, half-brother of John Epps
  • Hal Epps (1914–2004), American Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Jack Epps Jr. (born 1949), American screenwriter
  • Jeanette J. Epps (born 1970), NASA astronaut
  • JoAnne A. Epps, American law professor, author and Executive Vice President and Provost of Temple University
  • John Epps (1805–1869), English physician, phrenologist, homeopath and political activist
  • Joseph L. Epps (1870–1952), United States Army private who received the Medal of Honor
  • Makayla Epps (born 1995), American women's basketball guard
  • Marcus Epps (disambiguation), various people
  • Mike Epps (born 1970), American actor and comedian
  • Omar Epps (born 1973), American actor
  • Orlo Epps (1864–1926), American architect, mathematician, physicist and socialist
  • Phil Epps (born 1959), American former National Football League wide receiver
  • Preston Epps (born 1931), American percussionist
  • Roselyn P. Epps (died 2014), American pediatrician and first African-American president of the American Medical Women's Association
  • Shareeka Epps (born 1989), American actress
  • Sheldon Epps (born 1952), American television and theater director
  • Stuart Epps, British record producer and audio engineer
  • Tauheed Epps (born 1977), American rapper known professionally as 2 Chainz
  • Tory Epps (1967–2005), American football player
  • W. Epps, English cricket writer and historian in the late 18th century

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