Epupa Falls

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Epupa Falls

The Epupa Falls (also known as Monte Negro Falls in Angola) are created by the Cunene River on the border of Angola and Namibia, in the Kaokoland area of the Kunene Region. The river is 0.5 km wide and drops in a series of waterfalls spread over 1.5 km, with the greatest single drop being 37 m.[1] The name "Epupa" is a Herero word for "foam", in reference to the foam created by the falling water.


Due to the specialised nature of this steep riparian habitat, the Epupa Falls are the locus of endemism for a number of fish[2] and other aquatic species.

Miscellaneous items[edit]

Despite being difficult to reach (a 4WD vehicle is recommended to reach them from Opuwo), the falls are a major visitor attraction in Namibia, because of the largely unspoiled environment, with fig trees, baobabs, makalani palms, and colored rock walls framing the falls.

The Epupa Constituency is named for the falls.

The Ruacana Falls in northern Namibia are located 135 km upstream.


Epupa Falls is known for nomadic people, the Ovahimba people. While there are further tribes like Ovatjimba, Ovazemba and Ovatwe people. Migration to Epupa Falls is constantly increasing due to high Tourism growth, which further sees tribes like Herero and Oshiwambo speaking people migrate to the area.


There are four lodges namely Kapika Waterfall Lodge, Omarunga Camp Lodge, Epupa Camp Lodge and Epupa Falls Campsite Lodge. All these lodges have campsites except Kapika waterfall lodge plus Motjikutu campsite, which is a locally owned campsite.


Activities range from guided tours to the Falls and Himba villages around Epupa Falls, bird watching, excursions to see crocodile and a variety of vegetation featuring trees like Baobab and Mopane trees - the dominant species in the area. Tourists are also offered whitewater rafting at Epupa Camp.

In the media[edit]

Epupa falls are featured in the 8th episode of the first season of The Grand Tour, being the arrival point of a journey in beach buggies through Namibia.[3]


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Coordinates: 17°00′S 13°15′E / 17.000°S 13.250°E / -17.000; 13.250