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The Equipment of the Malaysian Armed Forces can be subdivided into: ammunition, weapons, vehicles and attire.


Name Type Caliber Branches Notes Picture
Small arms
M16A1 Assault rifle 5.56×45mm NATO Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard Virtually phased out, still in limited service M16A1 brimob.jpg
M4 Carbine Carbine Army, Navy, Air Force Standard service rifle of the Malaysian armed forces PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 CCO.jpg
HK416 Carbine PASKAL, Coast Guard HK416N.png
SG 553 Carbine Grup Gerak Khas, PASKAU, STAR Swiss Arms SG 553 Left.jpg
M14 Battle rifle 7.62×51mm NATO Navy Limited service M14 Stand-off Munitions Disruptor (SMUD) (7414626342).jpg
AW Sniper rifle Army, NSOF Accuracy International AW.png
SR-25 Designated marksman rifle Army SR-25 pic02.jpg
R93 Sniper rifle Army Blaser R93 LRS2 .308 Win 4thNovSniperCompetition06.jpg
DSR-1 Designated marksman rifle Army, NSOF AMP DSR-1 Koalorka.jpg
M95 Sniper Rifle .50 BMG GGK Barrett M95SP.jpg
M107 Anti-material rifle PASKAU M107 html 5f1f60d5.gif
500 MILS Shotgun 12-gauge PASKAU also 500M MILS PEO Mossberg 590A1.jpg
M870 Shotgun NSOF MCS 870 Modular Combat Shotgun (7414624938).jpg
FP6 Shotgun PASKAL H&KFabarmFP6entry.jpg
MP5 Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum Army, Coast Guard, NSOF Heckler Koch MP5.jpg
MP7 Submachine gun 4.6×30mm HK PASKAL MP7A1 REMOV.jpg
M240 General purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm NATO Army M240 with US Army soilder.jpg
M60 General purpose machine gun Army, GGK M60GPMG.jpeg
M249 Light machine gun 5.56×45mm NATO PASKAU ceneter
MG4 Light Machine Gun PASKAL H&KMG4.jpg
Glock Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, NSOF Standard service pistol Glock 17 (transparent background).jpg
HS2000[1] Semi-automatic pistol Army SAXD .45 compact.png
Small Arms Ammunition
  • Cal. 0.38 Special (Lead round Nose)
  • 9×19mm Ball (Luger/Parabellum)
  • 5.56×45mm NATO
    • M193 (Loose/Link)
    • Steel Core M855/SS109
    • Tracer M196
    • Blank M200
    • Blank Long Nose
  • 7.62×51mm NATO
    • 4B1T
  • 12.7 mm (All Natures)
  • 20 mm Oerlikon (All Natures)
  • 25 mm Bushmaster (All Natures)
  • 30 mm ADEN (All Natures)
  • 35 mm Oerlikon (All Natures)
  • Rounds 57 mm L70 AA Ammunition
  • 60 mm and 81 mm Mortar Bombs
  • Rounds 90 mm HE-T/HESH-T
  • 105 mm Artillery Ammunition
  • 155 mm Artillery Ammunition
  • 84 mm Carl-Gustav Ammunition
  • Rounds 105 mm HE
  • Aircraft Bombs
  • Aircraft Rockets
  • Sea and land Mines
  • Starburst Practice Missile Refurbishment
  • Cast Booster
  • Demolition Charge (1 lb, 10 lb and 25 lb)
Vehicle weapons
M134 Six-barrelled Gatling gun 7.62×51mm NATO Army, Air Force Special forces gatling gun.jpg
M2 HMG Heavy machine gun .50 BMG Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard Machine gun M2 1.jpg
Mk 19 Grenade Machine Gun Automatic grenade launcher 40mm grenades Army
Anti-Tank Weapons
MBT NLAW Fire-and-forget anti-tank missile 150mm HEAT Army NLAW Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015 01.JPG
ERYX Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 137mm Army ERYX-2ndFrInReg 2.jpg
Metis-M Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 130mm Army POLK 9K115 Metis.jpg
ZT3 Ingwe Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 127mm Army Ingwe ATGM.jpg
Baktar-Shikan Anti-Tank Guided Missile System 120mm Army SLA Red Arrow 8L.JPG
M40 Anti-Tank Recoilless Rifle 105mm Army Rcl106lat2.jpg
C90 Rocket-propelled grenade 90mm Army C-90.jpg
M3 MAAWS Anti-Tank Recoilless Rifle 84mm Army Carl Gustav M3 Kokonaisturvallisuus 2015.jpg
AT4 Anti-Tank Rocket System 84mm GGK AT-4Launcher.jpeg
M72 LAW Anti-Tank Rocket System 66mm Army M72 ASM RC Kokonaisturvallisuusmesssut 2015.jpg
RPG-7 Rocket-propelled grenade 40mm Army RPG-7V1 grenade launcher - RaceofHeroes-part2-22.jpg
Podnos Mortar 82mm mortar Army 2B14 Podnos at "Engineering Technologies 2010" forum.jpg
L16 Mortar 81mm mortar Army 81mmMORT L16.png
Anti-Air Weapons
Rapier SHORAD Army Soldiers Load a Rapier Missile System During London Olympics Security Exercise.jpg
Starstreak SHORAD Army Starstreak launcher on Dartmoor.jpg
Starburst MANPADS 152mm Army Starburst01.jpg
Igla MANPADS 72mm Army IGLA-S MANPADS at IDELF-2008.jpg
Anza MANPADS 72mm Army ANZA MK 2.JPG
FN-6 MANPADS 72mm Army FN-6 portable air defense missile weapon system MANPADS China Chinese army defense industry 640 002.jpg
Bofors anti-aircraft artillery 40mm Army Bofors-40-L70-hatzerim-2-1.jpg
Oerlikon anti-aircraft artillery 35mm Army 35mmFlab.png


Ground vehicles[edit]

Vehicle Image Type Origin Quantity Notes
PT-91M Pendekar PT-91M Pendekar.jpg Main battle tank  Poland 48[2] Armed with 125mm 2A46MS main gun.
FV101 Scorpion Irish Scorpion Tank.jpg Light tank  UK 26[3] Armed with Cockerill 90mm main gun.
APC/IFV (Tracked)
ACV 300 Adnan ACV-300 Adnan.jpg Armoured combat vehicle  Turkey
267[4] Mostly armed with 25mm auto cannon. The variant includes ambulance, ARV, command post vehicle and 81mm & 120mm mortar carrier versions.
Built locally by DefTech.
K-200 KIFV K200A1.jpg Armoured combat vehicle  South Korea 111[5] Malaysian Army operates the upgraded variant (K200A1).[6]
Alvis Stormer 10 Para Bde Stormer during 56th NDP.JPG Armoured combat vehicle  UK 25[7] 12 units has a 20mm auto cannon while others equipped with the TH-1 turret.[8]
To be upgrade.[9]
Bandvagn 206 141002-Z-WX809-658 (15281520727).jpg Armoured all-terrain carrier  Sweden 80[7] Armoured utility vehicles with various functions.[10][11]
APC/IFV (Wheeled)
AV8 Gempita (8x8) DefTech AV8 during 56th NDP.JPG Multi-purpose armoured vehicle  Turkey
257[12] Armed with 25mm cannon,30mm cannon and ATGM. Have multiple variants for different purpose. The most heavily and well armed variant were equipped with 30mm auto cannon and quad ZT3 Ingwe launcher specifically designed to engage heavy armour/tanks.
SIBMAS (6x6) Sibmas AFSV-90 Muzium Tentera Darat.JPG Armoured fire support vehicle  Belgium 186[3] 162 units armed with Cockerill 90mm main gun and 24 recovery vehicle units.
Condor APC (4x4) Malaysian Condor.jpg Armoured personnel carrier  Germany 400+[15][5][16] Armed with 20mm auto cannon. Originally 460 units. Some were lost in the Battle of Mogadishu and others were used for peacekeeping missions in various countries.
316 unit Condor to be upgrade.[17][9]
AV4 Lipanbara (4x4) Chaiseri First Win.jpg Armoured personnel carrier  Thailand
34[18] About 200 AV-4 planned. Armed with M134D-H gatling gun. Built locally by DefTech following a technology transfer programme.[18][19]
Guardian (4x4) Armoured vehicle  Canada 9[20][21] Used in peacekeeping missions in Lebanon.
Ferret (4x4) Ferret-Scout-Car-18EA24.jpg Armoured Personnel Carrier  UK ~92[22] Partially retired from the total of 92 units.Some uses as ceremonial vehicle.[23]
URO VAMTAC Herat2 (cropped).jpg Multi-purpose armoured vehicle  Spain 100[24][25] Multi-purpose armoured vehicle that strongly similar to US made Humvee. Mostly equipped with M134D gatling gun, 12.7mm M2 Browning HMG and 40mm Mk 19 AGL.[26] 25 units are as Igla anti-aircraft missile launcher platform.[27].85 bought in 2008 and another 15 bought in 2010.
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Sabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-221.jpg Multi-purpose/light assault vehicle  Germany 84[28] 32 G Wagon installed a 12.7mm machine guns, 34 G Wagon is mounted 40mm grenade launcher,12 G Wagon is used to carry anti-tank missiles (ATGM) Metis-M and others are basic variant.
Astros II MLRS
300mm multiple launch rocket system  Brazil 54[29][30]
M109 howitzer
Kings of battle keep the fire; 1-9 FA fires its last rounds 140910-A-CW513-046.jpg
155mm self-propelled artillery  USA 29[31][32] 29 M109A5+ units acquired from the United States.[32]
Denel G5 howitzer
G5 howitzer (Impi).jpg
155mm towed artillery  South Africa 28[5]
FH 70 155mm gun (6065127314).jpg
155mm towed artillery  EU 15[5]
OTO Melara Mod 56
105 mm towed artillery  Italy 110[5][30]
M102 M102 Howitzer A1206 Tai Iraq 2004.JPG 105 mm towed artillery  USA 40[33]
LG1 Royal Thai Army firing LG1 howitzer with extended range ammunition.jpg 105 mm towed artillery  France 18[34] [35]
WZT-4 POL Warsaw WZT-3.jpg Armoured recovery vehicle  Poland 6[30]
MID-M MID Polish.jpg Engineering tank  Poland 3[30]
PMC Leguan PMC Leguan Armoured vehicle launched bridge  Poland 5[30]
SJ-09 SJ-09 Training tank  Poland unknown
IVECO M4010 Sabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-226.jpg Field ambulance  Italy unknown
Land Rover Defender Sabah Malaysia Hari-Merdeka-2013-Parade-224.jpg Multi-purpose vehicle  UK unknown
All Terrain Mobility Platform Malaysian Supacat.jpg Air-mobile vehicle  UK unknown Used by 10 Paratrooper Brigade.
IVECO M4012 IVECO M4012 Satellite communication vehicle  Italy unknown
HICOM Handalan I/II Handalan Troop carrier truck  Malaysia 2,260[36]
AV-VBL AV-VBL Artillery command vehicle  Brazil 10[30] Command vehicle of Astros II MLRS.

Fixed Wing Aircraft[edit]



List of current camouflage patterns and uniforms
Branch Camouflage pattern Image Picture
Crest of the Malaysian Army.svg
The Uniform No. 5 Fabrik Celoreng Corak Digital Tentera Darat is used by army in year 2013.
The Malay Tigerstripe Woodland pattern but with earth-brown stripes on a light green and sand-coloured background.
ATM Digital woodland pattern.jpg
ATM Digital Desert pattern.JPG
Paratroopers on DSA 2014 (03).JPG
Crest of the Royal Malaysian Navy.svg
Introduced in 2016 - standard blue-grey for shipboard and all operationals. RMN Digital pattern.jpg RMN Digital Camouflage Pattern.jpg
Crest of Royal Malaysian Air Force.svg
Air Force
No.4. Digital Camouflage Pattern. Introduced in 2016 RMAF No.4 Digital Camouflage Pattern.jpg
Crest of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.svg
Coast Guard
Army Combat Uniform (ACU).

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