Equipotential or isopotential in mathematics and physics refers to a region in space where every point in it is at the same potential. This refers to a scalar potential, although it can be applied to vector potentials. An equipotential of a scalar potential function in n-dimensional space is an dimensional space; the del operator illustrates the relationship between a vector field and its associated scalar potential field. An equipotential region might be referred as being'of equipotential' or be called'an equipotential'. An equipotential region of a scalar potential in three-dimensional space is an equipotential surface, but it can be a three-dimensional region in space; the gradient of the scalar potential is everywhere perpendicular to the equipotential surface, zero inside a three-dimensional equipotential region. Electrical conductors offer an intuitive example. If a and b are any two points within or at the surface of a given conductor, given there is no flow of charge being exchanged between the two points the potential difference is zero between the two points.

Thus, an equipotential would contain both points a. Extending this definition, an isopotential is the locus of all points that are of the same potential. Gravity is perpendicular to the equipotential surfaces of the gravity potential, in electrostatics and in the case of steady currents the electric field is perpendicular to the equipotential surfaces of the electric potential. In gravity, a hollow sphere has a three-dimensional equipotential region inside, with no gravity. In electrostatics a conductor is a three-dimensional equipotential region. In the case of a hollow conductor, the equipotential region includes the space inside. A ball will not be accelerated left or right by the force of gravity if it is resting on a flat, horizontal surface, because it is an equipotential surface. Equipotential surface Potential flow Potential gradient Isopotential map Scalar potential Electric Field Applet

Jackie Chan Adventures (video game)

Jackie Chan Adventures is a video game based upon the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures. The Game Boy Advance game, entitled Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand, was developed by Torus Games, published by Activision, released in 2001; the PlayStation 2 version was developed by Atomic Planet Entertainment, published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released on October 1, 2004 in Europe. The latter console version is compatible with the EyeToy. Jackie, Uncle and Shendu were voiced by their original actors. On May 11, 2005, Hip Games announced it would be publishing the PS2 version for North America, the game was featured at E3 2005 as a part of their lineup. However, in July of that same year, Hip Interactive went bankrupt, no one else picked up the PS2 title for a North American release; the story is a mix of Seasons 1 and 2 of Jackie Chan Adventures and follows The Demon Sorcerers, led by Shendu, the demon of fire. The eight demons were banished to the Demon Netherworld by eight Chinese immortals using the magic of the Pan Ku Box.

In present times, the Dark Hand, led by Valmont, are using the Pan Ku Box to unleash the demons upon the world. However, Jackie Chan, his niece Jade Chan, their Uncle are willing to stop the demons from returning to the planet; the heroes known as the J-Team, search for the magical 12 Talismans as well. Jackie Chan: The main protagonist of the game. Jackie is an archeologist who secretly works for Section 13, he has a niece named an uncle named Uncle. In his mission, he must defeat the Demon Sorcerers as well, he is an expert in martial arts. Jade Chan: Jackie's 12-year-old niece from China, she moved to the United States and has enjoyed her adventures with her uncle, who believes the missions he goes on are too dangerous for Jade. Uncle: Jackie's uncle who owns an antique shop, he studied with Chi Master Fong for 15 years. He knows a lot about antiques and magical things, does research to find out what magic forces Jackie may deal with in his adventures, he has a habit for hitting Jackie over the head.

Tohru: A large Japanese man. He used to work for the Dark Hand and Valmont gave him the Dragon Talisman to power up his strength, he joined the J-Team. Captain Black: An old friend of Jackie's and the leader of Section 13, he sends Jackie off on his missions. El Toro Fuerte: A famous masked wrestler from Mexico, he was using the Ox Talisman to power up his strength but gave it to Jackie, after he defeated him in battle. El Toro's biggest fan is Paco. Paco: El Toro's biggest fan, he believes Jackie is a "mouseman" and El Toro is the greatest. He and Jade seem to argue about this every time. Viper: An ex-thief, good with martial arts, she once used the Snake Talisman to steal jewels, but Jackie managed to get it from her and she now is a member of the J-Team. The Fishing Guy: This Chinese man appears in every level, he will save the game for Jackie in his diary. He has his own fishing store, allows the player access to the fishing game, his fishing stores are in the Japanese Gardens, Fisherman's Wharf, the Spanish Village and Golden Gate Park.

The Dark Hand: An organisation of criminals, led by the British Valmont, possessed by Shendu. Valmont is dislikes sharing his body with Shendu. Hak Foo is a muscular henchman of the Dark Hand, has named all of his attacks and is Tohru's replacement. Finn is dresses in clothes from the 70's. Ratso is strong, but a bit stupid and his favourite music group is Kiss. Chow is the shortest member of the Dark Hand but the best at using martial arts, he likes drinking coffee. The Demon Sorcerers: The eight demons that once ruled the world, they are led by Shendu. They each have their own powers derived from fire, moon, thunder, mountain and water, they were defeated and banished to the Netherworld by the eight immortals of China, using the Pan Ku Box. Shendu wishes to use the puzzle box to release his brothers and sisters, so he and they can rule the world again. Shadowkhan: These shadow warriors are Shendu's minions; the normal Shadowkhan don't take much time to be defeated. The Armoured Shadowkhan dress in attack with lethal blades.

The Shadowkhan Mages wear Chinese hats and shoot fireballs at Jackie. The Samurai Shadowkhan are the most powerful of the Shadowkhan, they are spirits in samurai attack with sharp swords. They do; the game received "generally favorable reviews" on both platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand at MobyGames Jackie Chan Adventures at MobyGames


The Raduga KSR-5 was a long-range, air-launched cruise missile and anti ship missile developed by the Soviet Union. It was a scaled down version of the Kh-22'Kitchen', built to be carried by the less capable Tu-16; the Raduga KSR-5 was developed in variants to be deployed as a land attack missile and an anti-ship missile. The missile was designed to be fitted with either a nuclear warhead; the Raduga KSR-5 was deployed aboard such Soviet aircraft as the Tupolev Tu-16'Badger' in Tu-16K-26, Tu-16KSR-2-5, Tu-16KSR-2-5-11 variants, as well as the Tu-22M Backfire. Post 1991 with the retirement of the Badger, the KSR-5 warstock was converted into supersonic targets. Soviet Union Length: 10 m Wingspan: 2.5 m Diameter: 0.9 m Launch weight: 4,000 kg Speed: Mach 3.5 Range: 300–700 km Guidance: inertial guidance, optional mid-course update via data link, terminal active radar homing or passive radar homing Warhead: 1,000 kg high explosive or 350 kt nuclear Gordon, Yefim. Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons Since World War Two.

Hinckley, England: Midland Publishing. ISBN 1-85780-188-1. Federation of American Scientists page on the KSR-5 missile Air Power Australias web page