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Ercan Akbay (born 12 February 1959 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish writer, painter, and musician. He studied Finance at a university, and he has worked in many different sectors throughout his life; he now devotes his time to writing and painting. He has written two novels and one collection of stories. He also regularly exhibits his paintings and has two music albums to his name.


As a young man, he read a lot, admired the contemporary Latin and Anglo-Saxon singer-poets, and started to try composing poetry of his own on a guitar that he taught himself to play in just a few weeks. Ever since then, he has continued to show the same diligence in all three arts that he works with. He describes his music, painting and writing as his means of expressing the piquancy of the adventures he has lived through and the complicated state of his inner world.

He started work the same day he started university. After eventful years in the tourism and electronics sectors, he began to work for himself, and soon learnt to view life as a game from having to do so many different things at the same time: He managed a jazz club; he founded companies in various fields; he got involved in financial markets. He has worked in the stock market, real estate, music and ballet production, old film and record restoration, concert and sound recording and film editing, book cover and poster design, and other fields, and still continues to work in some of them today.

After producing A Summer's Night, a performance of his spoken and sung poetry telling the story of deep pain and parting, unhealthy passions, death, split personalities and thoughts against the system, all put to music in his own inimitable way in 1989, in 1996 the artist released Tales of the Weird, an experimental album based on his book of the same name.

Towards the end of 1997, he wrote Men Don't Cry. Due to a problem with the publishing house he was working with at the time, there was a five-year gap in his life as a writer from 2002. In 2006, he finished his novel What Time is It Mr Wolf?, which had started life as a TV script. In 2007, he reached an agreement to reprint all of his books.

Just as in his paintings, in all his books the writer has a linguistic and narrative style completely his own.[citation needed]


  • İ.Ü.Faculty of Business Administration 1978-84
  • Kadiköy Maarif College 1970-78


His expressive works from after 2006 are exhibited regularly at several art galleries of Istanbul.

Published books[edit]

  • Kuraldışı Öyküler 1997

Tales of the Weird

  • Erkekler Ağlamaz 1997 Men Don't Cry– Novel
  • Tilki tilki saat kaç? 2007 What time is it, Mr. Wolf? - novel
  • Değirmenlere Karşı 2009 Against Windmills - novel[1]
  • Ten Kokusu 2011 Scent of Skin - novel
  • Yol Ayrimlari 2012 Crossroads - novel

Music Albums[edit]

  • A Summer's Night - 1989 Adventure Records
  • Tales of the Weird - 1996 Audeon Music