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Ericsson Mediaroom
Program Guide in Mediaroom
Program Guide in Mediaroom
Developer(s) Microsoft and Ericsson
Initial release July 2007; 10 years ago (2007-07)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Windows CE
Microsoft Phone
Android (operating system)
Platform Set Top Box
Video game console
Personal computer
Tablet computer
Website [1]

Ericsson Mediaroom is a collection of software for operators to deliver IPTV (IPTV) subscription services, including content-protected, live, digital video recorder, video on demand, multiscreen, and applications. These services can be delivered via a range of devices inside and outside customers' homes, including wired and Wi-Fi set top boxes, PCs, tablets, smartphones and other connected devices – over both the operator's managed IP networks as well as "over the top" (OTT) or unmanaged networks.

According to a marketing firm, Ericsson Mediaroom was the market leader in IPTV for 2014.[1]


Microsoft announced an UltimateTV service from DirecTV in October 2000, based on technology acquired from WebTV Networks (later renamed MSN TV).[2] The software was called the "Microsoft TV platform" (which included the Foundation Edition), the UltimateTV developers in Mountain View, California were eliminated by early 2002.[3] By June 2002, Moshe Lichtman replaced Jon DeVaan as leader of the division as more reductions were announced.[4]

The IPTV platform was renamed Microsoft Mediaroom in June 2007 at the NXTcomm conference;[5] in January 2010, Microsoft Mediaroom 2.0 was announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show.[6]

On April 8, 2013, Microsoft and Ericsson announced plans for Ericsson to purchase Mediaroom, the sale was completed on September 5, 2013, and the platform officially became Ericsson Mediaroom.[7]

On February 6, 2014, Ericsson announced it had entered into an agreement to purchase multiscreen video platform company Azuki Systems. Azuki Systems was renamed Ericsson Mediaroom Reach.[8]


Current key products in Ericsson Mediaroom’s portfolio include Ericsson Mediaroom, Mediaroom Reach, and MediaFirst TV Platform.[9][10]

As of June 2016, Ericsson Mediaroom TV was used in 65 commercial deployments in 34 countries, delivering services to over 16 million households via more than 30 million devices.[11]

Ericsson Mediaroom TV platforms are offered by 90 operators,[when?] including AT&T, CenturyLink,[12] Telus, Bell Canada (including Bell MTS), Hargray, Singtel, Telefónica SA, Cross Telephone, and Portugal Telecom.

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