Escape by Night (1960 film)

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Era Notte a Roma
Directed by Roberto Rossellini
Written by Sergio Amidei
Diego Fabbri
Starring Giovanna Ralli
Leo Genn
Music by Renzo Rossellini
Cinematography Carlo Carlini
Distributed by Cineriz
Release date
  • 31 July 1960 (1960-07-31)
Running time
145 mins.
Country Italy, France
Language Italian

Era notte a Roma is a 1960 Italian war film epic directed by Roberto Rossellini. In France the film is known as Les Évadés de la nuit, and in the USA Escape by Night. It is also known internationally as Blackout in Rome.


In keeping with his previous film Generale Della Rovere, filmmaker Roberto Rossellini pursues a wartime theme in this 145-minute "personal epic" Era notte a Roma. The story concerns three Allied POWS, who escape from their camp and hide out in Rome. The trio is given shelter by a beautiful young woman. The three prisoners (one is Russian, one English, one American) display a genuine warmth towards each other that probably is meant to reflect the three countries' joint effort against Nazi Germany. Their effort is depicted heroically as they escaped together and helped each other in their joint quest to rejoin their respective armies.[1] For reasons that remain obscure, Era Notte a Roma was never initially given a widespread American release.



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