Estadio Municipal de Butarque

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Estadio Municipal Butarque, Leganés.JPG
Full name Estadio Municipal de Butarque
Location Leganés, Spain
Capacity 11,454
Field size 105x70m
Surface Grass
Built 1997–1998
Opened 1998
CD Leganés

The Estadio Municipal de Butarque is a multi-use stadium located in Leganés, Community of Madrid, Spain. It is currently used for football matches and is the home stadium of CD Leganés.

History and characteristics[edit]

The name of the stadium comes from Our Lady of Butarque,[1] the patron saint of Leganés. The stadium was built between 1997 and 1998 with the aim to replace the old field in the city, the Estadio Luis Rodríguez de Miguel. Butarque was inaugurated on 14 February 1998, with a game between Leganés and Xerez.

With an original capacity of 8,138, after the promotion of Leganés to La Liga, Butarque was expanded to 10,954 seats, divided into four sectors.[2]

Butarque, apart from football matches, has hosted musical concerts and festivals like Festimad.

On 29 April 2016, the mayor of Leganés suggested an expansion of Butarque to 12,000 seats and also the improvement of access to the stadium.[3]

After adding a new row in August 2017, finally the stadium had a capacity for 11,454 spectators.[4]


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Coordinates: 40°20′25″N 3°45′39″W / 40.3404°N 3.7607°W / 40.3404; -3.7607