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Maddi Madd

Marlon Grimes, better known by his stage name Maddi Madd, is an American rapper from Akron, Ohio. He was signed to the record label Bungalo Records in 1999 and released his first album, A Million Wayz the same year. Maddi has worked with music figures such as Rah Digga, C-Bo, Ginuwine, Bizzy Bone, Devante Swing, K-Ci & JoJo, Flo Rida, DJ Quik, Jamie Foxx and Outsidaz, he has been awarded RIAA certified platinum awards for his contribution to Flo Rida's Whistle and Wild ones multiplatinum singles. Maddi began his career in Ohio, he was discovered by Grown Man Records President, Ivan Jones in 1998. He wrote the majority of the soundtrack to the HBO documentary, Pimps Up, Ho's Down, directed by Brent Owens. In 1999, Maddie Madd worked with Grown Man Records and released the EP titled A Million Wayz which sold over 100,000 copies. Three years his first international single Emotional / Ohio Thuggin was released under the record label 280 East Records. Maddi Madd started his own company, Blimpcity records, with Chevaliee Robinson in 2002 and signed a distribution deal for Bungalo Records under Universal Music Group Distribution in 2005.

Ginuwine and Maddi Madd's associated act Closer was released in 2009. In 2010, he collaborated with Jodeci, DJ Quik and Devante Swing and released his second album The Midwest Juggernaut, his second international single Til Ima Zombie was released by Bungalo Records in 2012. Maddi Madd is signed to Blimpcity Records distributed by Bungalo Records/ Universal Music Group Distribution. A Million Wayz The Midwest Juggernaut Emotional / Ohio Thuggin Closer feat. Ginuwine Til Ima Zombie

Wat Ta Yom River

The Wat Ta Yom River is a tributary of the Nan River in Thailand. This river of many names originates in the mountains of the Noen Maprang District of Phitsanulok Province where it is referred to as the Chomphu River flows through the Wang Thong District where it is referred to as the Tha Muen Ram River flows through the Bang Krathum District, through Wat Ta Yom, where it is referred to as the Wat Ta Yom River, drains into the Nan River in Phichit via the Tha Luang Canal at 16°26′27″N 100°21′21″E. Chomphu River: The first element chom means praise or admire; the river does not appear to have a geographically independent name of its own. The following is a tree demonstrating the points at which the major tributaries of the Tha Luang River branch off from the main river and from each other. Gulf of Thailand Chao Phraya River Nan River Tha Luang River Wat Ta Yom River Tha Muen Ram River Chomphu River

William Hay, 5th Earl of Erroll

William Hay, 5th Earl of Erroll was a Scottish peer and statesman. William Hay was the son of 4th Earl of Erroll and Christian Lyon, he had double royal lineage, descended from Kings Robert II of Scotland and James I of Scotland. He inherited the earldom on 20 October 1513, aged 18. In his role as Lord High Constable of Scotland, the young earl was sent as a commissioner to France in 1515 and to England in 1516. William Hay married Elizabeth Ruthven, youngest daughter of William Ruthven, 1st Lord Ruthven by his second wife, Christian Forbes, had one son by her: William Hay, 6th Earl of Erroll He died on 28 July 1522, not yet 30 years old; as his son William died under 21 years of age, the lands of Errol, Perthshire were held by the Crown, until the end of 1541, when the title was inherited by George Hay, the grandson of William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll

2000 Malibu Road

2000 Malibu Road is an American prime time soap opera television series that aired on CBS during the summer from August 23 to September 9, 1992. The series stars Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals, Brian Bloom, Scott Bryce, Lisa Hartman, Tuesday Knight and Michael T. Weiss; the show deals with four women living together at a beach house located at 2000 Malibu Road: Jade, a former prostitute trying to get out of the profession. Jade owned the house. In order to leave her profession as a high priced prostitute, she took in roommates to help her pay for the house; the series ended with several unresolved cliffhangers: Roger was seen raping and beating Perry in a stairwell. Meanwhile, Porter's men shot Hal dead, after arguing with Lindsay upon discovering she was sleeping with Eric, Joy was struck by lightning. Lisa Hartman provided a closing narration to serve as a tie-up for the characters, though only on overseas broadcasts. Lisa Hartman as Jade O'Keefe Drew Barrymore as Lindsay Rule Jennifer Beals as Perry Quinn Tuesday Knight as Joy Rule Brian Bloom as Eric Adler Scott Bryce as Scott Sterling Michael T. Weiss as Roger Tabor Ron Marquette as Sgt.

Joe Munoz Robert Foxworth as Hal Lanford Constance Towers as Camilla Mitch Ryan as Porter The series was executive produced by Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, series creator Terry Louise Fisher, Joel Schumacher, who served as director. Joel Schumaker directed at least the first five of the series' episodes; the series premiere earned decent ratings, but ratings fell from there and it was canceled after six episodes. According to executive producer Aaron Spelling, producers could not come to terms on license fees. However, Lisa Hartman had another version: as 2000 Malibu Road was facing Melrose Place in the same timeslot, Spelling was competing with himself and didn't want to weaken the ratings of Melrose Place. 2000 Malibu Road on IMDb 2000 Malibu Road at 2000 Malibu Road at

Bánh tẻ

Bánh tẻ is a variety of small steamed rice cake in Vietnamese cuisine. It is a traditional variety of bánh from the Red River Delta region of northern Vietnam. Bánh tẻ are made of rice flour, wrapped with Lá dong leaves into a long, thin cylindrical shape, boiled thoroughly. Bánh tẻ is considered one of the most typical dishes of Hà Tây Province, located near Hanoi, although it may be found in other parts of the country; the flavors and ingredients of bánh tẻ vary from region to region. Bánh tẻ are made of plain white rice, minced pork shoulder, Judas's ear fungus, salt, pepper; some variants of bánh tẻ chopped shiitake mushrooms. In order to make bánh tẻ, rice is first soaked in water until it is soft enough it is ground by hand with a grindstone to turn rice into a thick or watery mixture of water and rice powder; this mixture is cooked to a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius while it is stirred for 3 hours until it reaches the consistency of thick slurry. For the filling, pork and shiitake mushrooms are finely minced and combined.

To compose the dish, a layer of rice paste is layered onto a leaf, followed by a layer of filling, another layer of rice paste. The final bánh is wrapped with the leaves tied with thread or string, forming slender cylinder; the last step involves steaming the bánh tẻ for 20 minutes until cooked. Bánh tẻ sprinkled with black pepper. Unlike some varieties of bánh, which are prepared only seasonally or for particular festivals, bánh tẻ are made all year round. Bánh tẻ photo