Etena, American Samoa

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Etena (meaning "Eden") is a deserted village on Swains Island (or Olosega), American Samoa.

Description and history[edit]

Etena is located on the south side of Olosega, about 0.75 miles east of the atoll's sole village and harbor, Taulaga.[1] It was constructed during the 19th century as the location for the "residency" of the island's Caucasian owners and "proprietors," the Jennings family. An imposing four-bedroom, colonial-style residence was constructed there and occupied by family members for several years, but has since been abandoned and is now in a state of disrepair and largely overgrown by island vegetation.[2] A nearby graveyard contains the remains of several early island residents.

Etena is currently deserted,[3] with all of Olosega's residents living in the main village and sole harbor, Taulaga.[4][5]


Coordinates: 11°03′25″S 171°04′28″W / 11.05694°S 171.07444°W / -11.05694; -171.07444