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Eugène Edouard César Gaëtan Soudan (December 4, 1880 – November 30, 1960) was a lawyer, jurist and politician.[1]


He was born into a liberal bourgeois family in the city of Ronse.

He did his primary education in his hometown, he then makes his secondary studies at the Royal Grammar School in Tournai and that of Ghent.

At the University of Ghent, then only French-speaking, he obtained a university degree in Philosophy and then continued to obtain a Doctor of Law with great distinction on July 9, 1904.[2]

He began a career as a lawyer in Brussels with in the office of Charles Dejongh, one of the most eminent jurists of the country at the time. In 1917, will be the chief of staff for the cabinet of Emile Vandervelde.[3]

During the first world war, Soudan served as delegate of the interdepartmental commission of supplies.[4]


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