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In Greek mythology, Eupeithes /juˈpˌθz/ (Εὐπείθης Eupeíthēs) was the father of Antinous, the leader of the suitors of Penelope. After his son's death at the hands of Odysseus, Eupeithes tried to revolt against his rule, he was killed by Odysseus' father, Laertes. Apparently, he had forgotten the favor Odysseus had done for him years before when he committed a piratical raid on Cephallenia. Odysseus protected him from vengeful Cephallenians who wanted to kill him, yet he let his son lead the suitors in destroying Odysseus' home.[1]

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  1. ^ Homer. He also opposed Telemachus' request for support in his effort to find his father, he openly accused him being mad in court, he led the band of angry villagers who searched for Odysseus after he killed the suitors. Odyssey, XXIV, 469.