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European Bowling Tour
Tournament information
Sport Bowling
Location Europe
Established Year 2000
Number of
11 (2018)
Current champion
Paul Moor and Joline Persson-Planefors (2017) Masters

The European Bowling Tour (EBT) is one of three tenpin bowling tours (Europe, Americas, Asia) that form part of the ranking system of the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA).

The tour is run by the European Tenpin Bowling Federation. In all the tournaments, men and women compete alongside each other, with women receiving a handicap per game. In these tournaments there is only one prize fund (not split for men & women), however some tournaments offer additional bonuses for the highest placed woman, which is often in addition to any of the regular prize money.


During the 1990s, there had been several attempts to develop Ten-pin bowling tours in Europe but these were usually limited to one country (The Danish Masters Tour and the German Golden Bowling Ball Tour). It wasn't until 2000 that the European Bowling Tour was launched initially holding 9 tournaments in 8 countries. It has since expanded over the course of 15 years and now consists of 17 events in 2015.


In 2017, Paul Moor (England) and Joline Persson-Planefors (Sweden) were the EBT Masters.

Each year the 8 highest ranked men and the 8 highest ranked women in the EBT qualify for the EBT Masters which is played at a different host centre each year, usually after the EBT event in the same location.

The format varies from tournament to tournament, but generally most tournaments on the EBT take the form of 6 games re-entry qualification, with the top 50–60 bowlers (depending on the tournament) bowling a further set of games (most commonly 4), before a final cut to either single elimination matchplay or stepladder finals.


Stop Country City Event Champion (Men) Champion (Ladies)
1 Finland Helsinki Brunswick Ballmaster Open Carsten W. Hansen Daphne Tan
2 Ireland Dublin Storm Irish Open Tore Torgersen Keira Reay
3 Germany Munich Brunswick Euro Challenge Dominic Barrett Birgit Pöppler
4 Denmark Aalborg Kegel Aalborg International Mattias Wetterberg Jenny Wegner
5 Spain Madrid V Brunswick Madrid Challenge François Lavoie Jo Allesbrook
6 San Marino Serravalle 13th Storm San Marino Open François Lavoie Jenny Wegner
7 Germany Munich Track Dream Bowl Palace Open Pontus Andersson Vanessa Timter
8 Sweden Malmö Storm Lucky Larsen Masters Jason Belmonte Britt Brønsted
9 Denmark Odense Odense International Lars Nielsen Sanna Pasanen
10 Netherlands The Hague Scheveningen Dutch Open Richard Teece Nicole Sanders
11 Norway Oslo Norwegian Open by Brunswick Raymond Jansson Jenny Karlsson


Stop Country City Event Champion (Men) Champion (Ladies)
1 Sweden Stockholm 38th AIK International Tournament Jesper Svensson Bernice Lim (C)
2 Finland Helsinki Brunswick Ballmaster Open Kimmo Lehtonen Jane Sin (C)
3 Ireland Dublin Storm Irish Open Anthony Simonsen (C) Nicole Sanders
4 Germany Munich Brunswick Euro Challenge Anthony Simonsen Jenny Wegner (C)
5 Netherlands Tilburg Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Gaëtan Mouveroux Cajsa Wegner
6 Spain Madrid V Brunswick Madrid Challenge Thomas Larsen Maria Jose Rodriguez
7 San Marino Serravalle 14th Storm San Marino Open Pontus Andersson Mai Ginge Jensen
8 Germany Munich Track Dream Bowl Palace Open Jesper Agerbo Maxime de Rooij
9 Sweden Malmö Storm Lucky Larsen Masters
10 Denmark Odense Odense International
11 Italy Rome Rome Open Open
12 Norway Oslo Norwegian Open by Brunswick

Previous Ranking Winners[edit]

Ranking winners of the European Bowling Tour, since 2000

Year Men Ladies
2000 Gery Verbruggen Kamilla Kjeldsen
2001 Gery Verbruggen Bettina Lund
2002 Gery Verbruggen Bettina Lund
2003 Gery Verbruggen Kamilla Kjeldsen
2004 Paul Moor Britt Brøndsted
2005 Paul Moor Britt Brøndsted
2006 Paul Moor Britt Brøndsted
2007 Osku Palermaa Kirsten Penny
2008 Osku Palermaa Nina Flack
2009 Osku Palermaa Nicki Ainge
2010 Dominic Barrett Nina Flack
2011 Osku Palermaa Joline Persson-Planefors
2012 Dominic Barrett Birgit Pöppler
2013 Dominic Barrett Joline Persson-Planefors
2014 Thomas Larsen Kamilla Kjeldsen
2015 Jesper Svensson Jenny Wegner
2016 Richie Teece Laura Beuthner
2017 Carsten W. Hansen Jenny Wegner

EBT Masters[edit]

The EBT Masters is a single tournament. Qualified for this event is the top 12 men and top 12 women from the last years EBT ranking .

The format is a Round Robin consisting of 11 rounds of one game matches. 20 bonus points are awarded for each match won, 10 for drawn matches. The top 3 bowlers after the round robin qualify for a 3-person stepladder to determine the winner of the masters.

Previous results[edit]

Year Venue Champion (Men) Runner-up (Men) Champion (Ladies) Runner-up (Ladies)
2008 Rollhouse Bowling Centre, Ankara, Turkey Osku Palermaa Pasi Uotila Kamilla Kjeldsen Britt Brøndsted
2009 Lovvang Bowling Centre, Aalborg, Denmark Paul Moor Jason Belmonte Kamilla Kjeldsen Rikke Holm Rasmussen
2010 Lovvang Bowling Centre, Aalborg, Denmark Robert Andersson Tore Torgersen Kamilla Kjeldsen Mai Ginge Jensen
2011 Bowling Centre Gladiator, Ljubljana, Slovenia Mika Koivuniemi Martin Larsen Cherie Tan Mai Ginge Jensen
2012 Dream Bowl Palace, Munich, Germany Martin Larsen Mika Koivuniemi Rebecka Larsen Clara Guerrero
2013 BNC Bowling Centre, Bratislava, Slovakia Tony Ranta Martin Larsen Lisanne Breeschoten Ida Andersson
2014 Dolfijn Bowling, Tilburg, Netherlands Pasi Uotila Martin Larsen Mai Ginge Jensen Birgit Pöppler
2015 Bowling Chamartín, Madrid, Spain Paul Moor Jesper Svensson Laura Beuthner Diana Zavjalova
2016 Rose'n Bowl, Serravalle, San Marino Stuart Williams Jesper Svensson Sin Li Jane Birgit Pöppler
2017 Lovvang Bowling Centre, Aalborg, Denmark Paul Moor Osku Palermaa Joline Persson-Planefors Jenny Wegner
2018 Dolfijn Bowling, Tilburg, Netherlands Pontus Andersson Richard Teece Jenny Wegner Sanna Pasanen
2019 Bowling Chamartin, Madrid, Spain

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