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Eurosinkut (abbreviated *es) is a free-form community for Finnish single people. It organises many kinds of activities all around Finland.

Eurosinkut was founded in Helsinki in 1997. It is not an officially registered organisation, and does not have a specific governing board or structure. The community views its free form as a benefit: no bureaucracy, no government facilities, no annual meetings, no official protocol...

Eurosinkut accepts all Finnish single people as its members, and becoming a member is as simple as filling in a form on the community web site. Membership is free of charge. The Eurosinkut mailing list currently has about 5000 addresses (as of November 2006). The age range is between 16 and 70 years, and there are members from all over Finland.


There are over 1000 events every year. Most events gather from 10 to 30 participants, but the most popular events can draw over 300.

Any member of Eurosinkut can organise an event, in any topic he/she wishes. The costs of the event are paid by the participants themselves, and participation is open to anyone interested.

The range of events is large: single parties, speed dating, movies, theatre, sähly (Finnish floorball), pesäpallo, bar evenings, walking trips, wandering trips, dancing, bicycle trips, literature, sailing, horse riding, cruises, "little Christmas" parties, Midsummer parties, Halloween parties...

The community maintains an Internet forum for discussion of events and other things.

The Eurosinkut community informs its members through its web site and mailing list.

Additional information[edit]

Getting rid of single status, or being paired, is not the single main purpose of Eurosinkut. Instead, the idea is for members to find new friends among each other, to participate in all kinds of events together. If a member finds another member that he/she likes to be in company with, the community has served its purpose.

Also, being single is not an absolute requirement for membership. (Ex-)singles who have later been paired can also participate in the community: they are called the R (=romance) club.

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