Eurymedon Bridge (Selge)

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Eurymedon Bridge (Selge)
Eurymedon Bridge, Selge, Turkey. Pic 02.jpg
The Roman bridge over the Eurymedon valley
Coordinates37°11′31″N 31°10′52″E / 37.191973°N 31.181033°E / 37.191973; 31.181033Coordinates: 37°11′31″N 31°10′52″E / 37.191973°N 31.181033°E / 37.191973; 31.181033
CrossesEurymedon (Köprüçay)
LocaleNear Selge, Pisidia, Turkey
Official nameOluk Köprü
DesignArch bridge
Total length14 m
Width3.5 m
Longest span7 m
Construction end2nd century AD
Eurymedon Bridge (Selge) is located in Turkey
Eurymedon Bridge (Selge)
Eurymedon Bridge (Selge)
Location in Turkey

The Eurymedon Bridge (Turkish: Oluk Köprü) is a Roman bridge over the river Eurymedon (modern Köprüçay) near Selge in Pisidia in southern Turkey.[1] It is part of the road winding up from the coastal region Pamphylia to the Pisidian hinterland.[1] Located 5 km north of the village Beşkonak in a sparsely settled area, the bridge crosses the Eurymedon high above the valley bottom.[1]

The excellently preserved structure is 14 m long and 3.5 m wide (with a roadway of 2.5 m).[1] The clear span of its single arch is c. 7 m, the thickness of its voussoirs, which were set without the use of mortar, 60 cm.[1] The building technique and the sturdy stonework point to a construction date in the 2nd century AD, a time when Selge was flourishing.[2]

42 km downstream at Aspendos, the Eurymedon is crossed by another extant old bridge.[3]


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