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Developer(s)Forbidden Technologies plc
Initial release2015 (2015)
Operating systemiOS
TypeVideo sharing

eva is a video social network that allows users to record and post short, spontaneous videos from their mobile phones.[1]


eva is a mobile app and social networking service that was launched by Forbidden Technologies plc - creator of cloud-based video editing software FORscene - in summer 2015.[2][3] Its co-founders include Stephen B. Streater (founder of Eidos Interactive[4]), Aziz Musa (CEO of Forbidden Technologies plc[5]) and Jens Wikholm (award-winning celebrity and portrait photographer[6][7]). After holding the beta launch in London in July 2015[2] - and a subsequent regional launch in Melbourne [8] - eva launched globally in Los Angeles on 1 October 2015,[9][10] it is available on iOS and can be downloaded from the App Store.[11]

Using eva[edit]

In order to make a video on eva, a user simply holds their thumb on the in-app record button and releases it when they are finished; the videos that users take are then automatically uploaded to their personal feed, the wider eva public feed, and grouped by interest topic so they directly become a part of the right communities. Instead of being saved to users' phones, these videos are saved in the cloud,[3] utilising the powerful cloud-based video editing software developed by FORscene. eva has been described by SourceWire as "beautiful, simple and addictive".[12]

Press Coverage[edit]

Working with service design consultancy we are experience (or wae[13]), eva's initial structure was created and launched in an incredible 30-day sprint that made waves in the press.[14][15]

In autumn 2015, eva - working with Chameleon PR - funded research into stereotypes surrounding bearded men, a piece of research that was picked up by over 100 global publications including the Huffington Post,[16] the Independent,[17] and Cosmopolitan (magazine).[18]


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