Eva Kant

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Eva Kant
Diabolik and Eva.jpg
Diabolik and Eva Kant portrayed by Sergio Zaniboni.
Publication information
First appearanceDiabolik #3 (3 March 1963)
Created byAngela Giussani
Luciana Giussani
In-story information
Full nameLady Eva Kant (as Kiss Tímea)
Supporting character ofDiabolik
AbilitiesSkilled martial artist

Eva Kant [1] is an Italian comics character who originated in the series Diabolik, issue #3 (3 March 1963).

Fictional character biography[edit]

Eva is the girlfriend and sidekick of criminal mastermind Diabolik. Eva is portrayed as an attractive blonde young woman; she drives a black E-Type Jaguar, and usually goes into action wearing a heavy sweater and trousers, no mask and no revealing clothing, she usually wears her hair up. Like Diabolik, Eva is a master of disguises, for example, she once ties up and gags a high ranking female army general and poses as her so that she can act as an inside man.

Appearances in other media[edit]

In the 1968 movie adaptation Danger: Diabolik Eva is played by Marisa Mell, and in general wears more revealing clothing than her usual comic costume, she also wears her long hair down, abandoning her trademark hairstyle.

In the music video "Amore impossibile" of Tiromancino Eva is played by Claudia Gerini, and the director is Lamberto Bava.

In 2005, Eva is played by Roberta Potrich in the video for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Fiat 600 and related Italian meetings of the same year.

Eva also appeared in the 1997 Diabolik animated television series, her voice was provided by Sonia Mazza.