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Eva Kuhlefelt-Ekelund (5 September 1892, in Loviisa, Finland – 7 August 1984, in Helsinki, Finland) was a pioneering Finnish woman architect and spouse of another famous Finnish architect Hilding Ekelund.[1]

Eva Kuhlefelt-Ekelund matriculated from the Helsinki New Swedish secondary school in 1910, after that she studied in Helsinki University of Technology and graduated as an architect in 1916.[1] Later she also received state grant and studied in Stockholm, Sweden between 1919 and 1921.[1] She made study trips to Scandinavian countries as well as to Italy and France.[1] Kuhlefelt-Ekelund also collaborated with another architect Elsi Borg and mapped and documented with her Swedish manors and castles.[1] In year 1920 Eva Kuhlefelt married architect Hilding Ekelund and established her two part surname Kuhlefelt-Ekelund.[1] The couple also founded their own architect office in Helsinki in 1927.[1]

Some well-known designs[edit]

Eva Kuhlefelt-Ekelund designed Privata svenska flickskolan (Private Swedish girls' school) in Apollonkatu in Helsinki which completed in 1929.[1] The building represented Nordic Classicism.[1] She also designed monumental Loviisa war cemetery in 1920 and old people's homes to Loviisa and Käpylä, Helsinki.[1]


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