Ever Changing Times

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Ever Changing Times
Ever Changing Times album cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 25, 2008
Recorded2007 at Steakhouse Studios, North Hollywood
GenreHard rock, neo-progressive rock, pop rock
LabelRide Records (Japan)
Ride Records/GMA Records (Philippines)
Frontiers Records (Europe)
ProducerSteve Lukather & Steve Macmillan
Steve Lukather chronology
Ever Changing Times
All's Well That Ends Well

Ever Changing Times is the fifth solo album of Steve Lukather. It was his first album since leaving Toto. In March 2008, a site was launched in order to promote the album.[1] According to Lukather, the album shows a lot of his influences and music he likes.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ever Changing Times" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 5:29
  2. "The Letting Go" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 5:52
  3. "New World" (Steve Lukather, Trevor Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 4:32
  4. "Tell Me What You Want from Me" (Steve Lukather, Trevor Lukather, Phil Soussan) - 5:13
  5. "I Am" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 3:15
  6. "Jammin' with Jesus" (John Sloman administered by Steve Lukather) - 5:55
  7. "Stab in the Back" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 5:59
  8. "Never Ending Nights" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 5:35
  9. "Ice Bound" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 4:19
  10. "How Many Zeros" (Steve Lukather, Jeff Babko, Stan Lynch) - 4:33
  11. "The Truth" (Steve Lukather featuring Steve Porcaro) - 3:50


Ride Records Japan Inc., Ride Records International Inc., Ride Records Music Publishing Ltd./ Ride Records Asia Inc.

  • Executive Producer - Ricky Miyagi
  • A&R Director / Coordinator - Micky Suzuki
  • CD Art Director - Ricky Miyagi, Micky Suzuki and Steve Lukather
  • Label Liaison for Record Companies Worldwide - Micky Suzuki and Marie Pasion


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