Evergreen Park (Haikou)

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Evergreen Park
Evergreen Park (Haikou) - map - 01.png
Evergreen park viewed from Haikou Bay
(The top-right corner of the image shows the nearby Binhai Park.)
Type Urban park
Location Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan Province, China
Coordinates 20°02′10″N 110°18′35″E / 20.036192°N 110.309687°E / 20.036192; 110.309687Coordinates: 20°02′10″N 110°18′35″E / 20.036192°N 110.309687°E / 20.036192; 110.309687
Created January 3, 1996
Status Open all year

Evergreen Park (万绿园) is a public park located in Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan Province, China.[1][2] It is the largest park in the city, and is situated between Bin Hai Road and the north coast of the main part of Haikou, the park contains approximately ten thousand coconut trees and hundreds of species of South Asian ornamental plants. It was opened in January 3, 1996, and is the main site of many of the city's festivals and events, it contains an artificial lake, a small amusement park, and various kiosks.

The Haikou Great Hall of the People (a concert hall) and the former Hainan Exhibition & Convention Center (now being converted to a mall) are adjacent to the west side of the park. The mouth of the Haidian River and the Haikou Century Bridge are located by the eastern side. Haikou City Stadium is located on Binhai Road, at the southeastern corner of the park. A street selling food and souvenirs was created at the east side of the park.

It is one of four major parks in Haikou, and can be compared to Baishamen Park in that both have large, open, grass areas, the other two, Golden Bull Mountain Ridge Park and Haikou People's Park, have a relatively high percentage of tree cover.

2017-2018 renovation[edit]

A view of the lake looking north during renovations

Starting in the autumn of 2017 and continuing into 2018, a one-year renovation is underway, the changes will involve work on the plants, lakeside areas and drainage, the installation of footbridges and paved gathering areas, as well as an upgrade to the lighting within the park. The total area affected is 19,000 sq. metres. In November 2017, numerous bulldozers were in the park moving earth.[3]



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