Everybody Jam!

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Everybody Jam!
Scatman Jam.jpg
Studio album by Scatman John
Released November 25, 1996
Length 56:44
Label RCA
  • Ingo Kays
  • Antonio Nunzio Catania
Scatman John chronology
Scatman's World
Everybody Jam!
Take Your Time

Everybody Jam! is the second album by Scatman John. The album continues along the thematic lines of the first album but with an evolved sound, and cemented his popularity in Japan, released there with five bonus tracks.

The album released two international singles: the title track tribute to Louis Armstrong and "Let It Go", all of which were successful. Additionally, the Japanese bonus tracks "Pripri Scat" and "Su Su Su Super Ki Re i" charted successfully there as single releases. "The Invisible Man" is a cover of the Queen song, adding numerous ingredients not present in the original. Arguably the most popular song on the album is "U-Turn": a revamped version of "Hey You" which earlier appeared as the B-side to "Song of Scatland".

The album reached No. 45 in Switzerland.[1] The album reached No. 17 in Japan and remained in the Top 40 for 9 weeks, selling just under 100,000 copies; a minor success compared to Scatman's World, but still an accomplishment for a foreign artist.

Album history[edit]

"Only You" was the third single from the "Scatman's World" album. Whilst Europe got the "Song Of Scatland" single this was the Japanese release in its place. "Popstar" it was another track released as Cd promo in 95 by Gramaphone Records. In October John prepared a new single called "Everybody Jam" a song inspired from Jazz, his love, and a tribute to his childhood idol Louis Armstrong, in interview John explains why he was inspired by Louis:

"Louis was the first and strongest influence on my musical existence. There have been many masters of music, of soul, but for me Louis is the father of them all," Scatman John said in 1996.

The single soon was followed in November by the album with the same title.

Music video[edit]

Scatman walks through a car park at night, when he glances the spirit of Louis Armstrong. The pair agree to duet and the action switches to a New Orleans Mardi Gras street party. Armstrong and Scatman ride along the road in an open top limo whilst a marching band precedes them and various children dressed as Scatman dance around. There's also shots of John by various New Orleans Landmarks. The video ends back in the car park as Armstrong disappears.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by John Larkin except where noted.

1."Stop the Rain" 4:06
2."Everybody Jam!"Antonio Nunzio Catania, John Larkin3:31
3."The Invisible Man" (Queen cover)Roger Taylor3:26
4."Let It Go" 3:47
5."Message to You" 3:36
6."(I Want To) Be Someone" 3:17
7."Scatmusic" 3:57
8."Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Mind" 3:54
9."(We Got To Learn To) Live Together" 3:52
10."Ballad of Love" 3:42
11."People of the Generation" 3:44
12."Lebanon" 3:34
13."U-Turn"Catania, Larkin3:47
14."Everybody Jam!" (Remix)Catania, Larkin5:41
Total length:56:44


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