Ewing Island, New Zealand

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Ewing Island
Ewing Island.jpg
Ewing Island – on the LHS
Coordinates 50°31′43″S 166°18′14″E / 50.528557°S 166.303812°E / -50.528557; 166.303812
Archipelago Auckland Islands
Area 0.6 km2 (0.23 sq mi)
Length 1.42 km (0.882 mi)
Width 1.10 km (0.684 mi)
New Zealand
Population 0

Ewing Island is an uninhabited island, part of the Auckland Islands group, a subantarctic chain that forms part of the New Zealand Outlying Islands. It lies in the north-east of the group, close to the mouth of Port Ross, immediately to the south of the larger Enderby Island and off the north-eastern tip of the main Auckland Island.

Important Bird Area[edit]

The island is part of the Auckland Island group Important Bird Area (IBA), identified as such by BirdLife International because of the significance of the group as a breeding site for several species of seabirds as well as the endemic Auckland shag, Auckland teal, Auckland rail and Auckland snipe.[1] Both red-crowned parakeets and yellow-crowned parakeets live on Ewing Island, making this the second southernmost location of living parrots.

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Coordinates: 50°31′43″S 166°18′14″E / 50.528557°S 166.303812°E / -50.528557; 166.303812