Expressway S5 (Poland)

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Expressway S5
Droga ekspresowa S5
Route information
Part of E261
Length: 80 km (50 mi)
400 km (249 mi) planned
Major junctions
From: S7-PL.svg S7 near Ostróda (under construction)

A1-PL.svg A1 near Grudziądz (planned)
S10-PL.svg S10 near Bydgoszcz
A2-PL.svg A2 near Poznań

S11-PL.svg S11 near Poznań (planned)
To: A8-PL.svg A8 near Wrocław
Major cities: Bydgoszcz, Poznań, Wrocław
Highway system
National roads in Poland

Expressway S5 or express road S5 (Polish: droga ekspresowa S5) is a limited-access road in Poland which has been planned to run along the route OstródaGrudziądzBydgoszczPoznańWrocław. As of June 2012, about 80 km (50 mi) of the road has been completed (not all signed as S5 yet; a 22 km (14 mi) section shares the route with A2 motorway; two sections of total length of 10.5 km (6.5 mi) are single carriageway and they will be amended with the second carriageway), out of total planned length of about 400 km (250 mi).

The construction of the road received higher priority after Poland was selected as one of the hosts of the Euro 2012 championships, since it would serve as a direct connection between three of the four Polish cities hosting matches: Poznań, Wrocław and (in part) Gdańsk. However, plans to finish the whole road before the championships were proven too optimistic, and only a section between A2 motorway and Gniezno was completed by that time, the 35 km (22 mi) section was opened on 4 June 2012.[1] This part of the S5 expressway serves as the eastern bypass of Poznań.

Other existing parts of the road are the bypass of Świecie (14 km (8.7 mi)), the bypass of Szubin (5 km (3.1 mi), single carriageway) and the bypass of Śmigiel (5.5 km (3.4 mi), single carriageway).

The 29 km bypass of Bojanowo and Rawicz section fully opened to traffic in September 2014.

In October 2015 the expressway has been extended from Nowe Marzy junction (near Grudziądz) to Ostróda;[2] in November 2015 contracts were signed for the Gniezno-Grudziadz section, a total of about 150 km. In May 2017 the continuation of the S5 from the end of the eastern bypass of Poznań to just north of Gniezno opened to traffic, thus diverting most transit traffic away from Gniezno itself