Eyre Crowe (painter)

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Slaves Waiting for Sale: Richmond, Virginia
The Dinner Hour, Wigan (1874), depicting mill girls relaxing at lunchtime

Eyre Crowe ARA (1824–1910) was an English painter, principally of historical art and genre scenes, but with an interest in social realism.

Early life[edit]

He was born in London but grew up in France. He was the eldest son of the journalist Eyre Evans Crowe and brother of the journalist, diplomat and art historian Joseph Archer Crowe (whose son, also Eyre Crowe became an important diplomat). He was a pupil of William Darley and later of Paul Delaroche in Paris.


He traveled in the United States as amanuensis to Thackeray between 1852 and 1853. He published With Thackeray in America (1893) and Thackeray's Haunts and Homes (1897).

He exhibited paintings at the Royal Academy in London between 1846 and 1908. In 1876 he was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy.


Crowe died in 1910.

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