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Face of Lesotho
TypeBeauty pageant
Miss World
Official language
National Director
Tlali Tlali
WebsiteOfficial site

Face of Lesotho is a national Beauty pageant in Lesotho.


The purpose of the Face of Lesotho event is to:

  • Conduct a beauty pageant, the winner of which goes on to the Miss World pageant.
  • Participate in campaigns against AIDS, violence, racism and xenophobia
  • Educate young people about life skills
  • Promote local talents
  • Support government, communities and corporate entities
  • Have an aggressive presence in different activities in the country.
  • Improve corporate social investments
  • Promote knowledge and awareness of human trafficking.

Face of Lesotho is committed to:

  • Supporting good initiatives that add value to people's lives
  • Leading to meaningful contributions to the development and growth of youth
  • Empowering underdeveloped communities and facilitating sustainable human development through community services and charity programs
  • Focusing on outcomes and not just inputs by assigning value to the improvement of people's lives
  • Focusing on investments that improve people's well-being and enhance their talents and capacity
  • Focusing on empowering individuals and communities to gain independence.


Year Face of Lesotho Placement at Miss World Notes
2019 Palesa Makara TBA
2018 Rethabile Thaathaa Unplaced
2017 Mpoi MaHao[1] Unplaced
2016 Rethabile Tsosane Unplaced
Lebakile Mokhohlane Did not compete Dethroned
2015 Relebohile Kobeli Unplaced
2014 Nthole Matela Unplaced
2013 Mamahlape Matsoso Unplaced
2012 Nomazondo Mphakisoane Unplaced
2010 Karabelo Mokoallo Unplaced
2003 Makuena Lepolesa Unplaced
1981 Palesa Joyce Kalele Unplaced
1980 Lit'sila Alina Lerotholi Unplaced
1979 Pauline Essie Kanedi Unplaced
1978 Joan Libuseng Khoali[2] Did not compete Miss Universe Lesotho 1978


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