Falak Sar (Swat)

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Falak Sar
فلک سر
Falak Sher.jpg
Falak Sher, summer 2006
Highest point
Elevation5,918 m (19,416 ft) [1]
Prominence1,558 m (5,112 ft) [1]
Coordinates35°40′58″N 72°47′07″E / 35.68278°N 72.78528°E / 35.68278; 72.78528Coordinates: 35°40′58″N 72°47′07″E / 35.68278°N 72.78528°E / 35.68278; 72.78528[2]
Falak Sar فلک سر is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Falak Sar فلک سر
Falak Sar
فلک سر
Falak Sar فلک سر is located in Pakistan
Falak Sar فلک سر
Falak Sar
فلک سر
Falak Sar
فلک سر (Pakistan)
LocationUshu Valley, Swat-Kohistan, Pakistan
Parent rangeHindu Kush
First ascent1957 by Berry and Tyndale-Biscoe, New Zealand

Falak Sar (Urdu: فلک سر‎; also known as Falak Sair) is the highest mountain peak in Ushu Valley of Swat, Pakistan at an elevation of 5,918 metres (19,416 ft), it is considered the highest peak of the Swat district in the Hindu Kush mountains range, followed by Mankial mountain peak.

Ascent History[edit]

View of Falak sar from mahudand lake

This mountain was climbed for the first time by W.K.A Berry and C.H. Tyndale-Biscoe of New Zealand in 1957 from its North ridge. The second ascent was made by Dr. Wolf Gang Stephen who also climbed Distaghil Sar and Malika Parbat.[citation needed]. Carlo Pinelli attempted another peak in the Hindu Raj which is the only 6000 of this part of Hindu Kush, they named it Maingol Sar.[citation needed] Similarly, another ascent was made by a Japanese expedition from Yamaguchi University was composed of Yoshiyuki Nagahiro and Toshiyuki Akiyama. After traveling by car from Peshawar through Saidu Sharif, capital of Swat, to Matiltan, they continued on and headed up the Falak Sar valley, where at 11,000 feet on August 15 they established Base Camp. On August 20 they climbed Falak Sar (19,417 feet), which has had numerous previous ascents. After returning to Matiltan, they went through Kalam to the Amagal valley to an advanced base at 12,000 feet, they ascended the east side above their advanced base and reached a small peak which was called Maga Sar by the natives. They found no Miangul Sar (19,554 feet) but there was a peak called Par (c. 18,000 feet) in the position assigned the former peak.[3]

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