False Hare

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False Hare
False Hare title card.png
Title card
Directed byRobert McKimson
Produced byDavid H. DePatie
Story byJohn Dunn
StarringMel Blanc
Music byBill Lava
Animation byWarren Batchelder
George Grandpré
Ted Bonnicksen
Layouts byRobert Givens
Backgrounds byRobert Gribbroek
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release date
July 18, 1964 (USA)
Running time
6 minutes

False Hare is a 1964 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes animated short starring Bugs Bunny and the Big Bad Wolf (with a special cameo appearance by Foghorn Leghorn). Released on July 18, 1964, the cartoon was written by John W. Dunn and directed by Robert McKimson. It was released in 1964.

This cartoon was the last production completed by the original Warner Bros. Cartoons studio, and is also the last to feature the "target" opening and closing title cards, and the long-familiar version of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" theme. This short is also well known for being the last Bugs Bunny cartoon released during the Golden Age of American animation; the next theatrical Bugs Bunny short, Box-Office Bunny, would be released in 1991, 27 years later.


The Big Bad Wolf, worshipped by his nephew, who calls him "Uncle Big Bad", invites Bugs Bunny to join the Club Del Conejo, a club for rabbits. Bugs is wise to his game but plays along, just to stifle his boredom.

Big Bad admits Bugs in, and tricks him into signing an insurance form. Bugs' first initiation test is to ring a bell, rigged to cut a rope and let a safe fall on him. Bugs ticks off Big Bad by ringing the bell with a nail and a nickel; when Big Bad tells Bugs to hit the bell, Bugs merely flicks it, so Big Bad comes up to demonstrate himself how to do it. Big Bad gets flattened as a result.

Big Bad then tests out his next plan, to signal his nephew, so Big Bad's nephew will fling open a closet door, rigged to close an iron maiden on Bugs. Big Bad beckons Bugs for his club picture, with the iron maiden as a backdrop. Bugs pulls all sorts of poses, so Big Bad comes up to demonstrate the right pose. Bugs immediately says "I get it now," which signals the nephew to close the iron maiden—but instead closes it on his uncle; as Bugs steps out, the nephew peeks into the casket, and then closes it again, cringing.

Later, Big Bad tells Bugs to crawl through a hole which enters the mouth of a cannon. While Big Bad tells his nephew to pull the cord when he gives him the signal, Bugs paints another hole in the wall; when Big Bad sees there are two holes, Bugs tricks him into going into the booby-trapped one, so Big Bad gets blasted through the wall. Bugs then flips the wall so that when Big Bad demands a retry, he prevents Bugs from going into the booby-trapped one and gets blasted through the wall again.

Finally, Big Bad directs Bugs to climb inside a hollowed-out tree. Bugs climbs out when he sees the wolf pack it with explosives; the dynamite detonates and causes the tree to crash onto the Club Del Conejo. A battered Big Bad suggests opening a chicken club, and Foghorn Leghorn immediately appears eager to join; the cartoon closes with Bugs, sitting at a tree with the wolf's nephew, remarking: "I wonder which one will chicken out first", ending the cartoon.


"False Hare" is available, uncensored and uncut, on the Looney Tunes Super Stars: Bugs Bunny DVD. However, it was cropped to widescreen.

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